4 Women Who Wear What They Want

In a world of fashion hits, misses, dos, don'ts, and best-of lists, to wear something you actually like seems like a shocking step. I mean, can you imagine? Putting on clothes without worrying what other people will think? Wearing pieces without any consideration for whether or not they're "in"? I know — it seems amazing; freeing. Also, terrifying. But instead of freaking out over how something will go over, take a page from the following women who give not one single f*ck, and wear exactly what they want, when they want to wear it. Specifically (or in Drake's words), they're doing them — and you can do you, too.

1. Helena Bonham-Carter
Fashion critics don't seem to say anything of praise when Helena shows up wearing her gothic-inspired, Victorian-sanctioned wardrobe. But here's the thing: she doesn't look "crazy" (what's that even about, anyway?), she looks incredible. And why? Because fashion isn't about abiding by a rule book or conforming to a tiny style box; fashion is about expression, individuality, and risk-taking — fashion is art. And art is supposed to be controversial. And when Helena Bonham-Carter shows up wearing anything from a garter to a parasol, she's bringing art to the red carpet, and to all of us watching. And because of that (as well as her affinity to dress the way she wants), she's doing personal style right.

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2. Dita Von Teese
The vintage look has never been "out," but before the days of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, Dita Von Teese abided by her own style code and embraced the 1940s, turning heads both for her renowned burlesque act, and for her affinity for vintage pieces. What Von Teese has is style, not "fashion"; a look that is hers entirely, and is completely immune to runways, September issues, and best-of lists. She dresses for herself, she knows what works for her, and she stresses the importance of using clothes to empower. She dresses up for life, and that's to be commended.

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3. Iris Apfel
The day I don't include Iris Apfel on a list of women I want to befriend and learn life lessons from is the day I've failed us all. At 91 years old, Apfel continues to push style boundaries by using clothes, jewellery, and her trademark glasses to create an aesthetic that's completely unique. "More is more" is her motto as she stresses "fun" over function; reminding us of how much joy dressing up used to bring. Remember joy? The days of piling on necklaces, bracelets, and various colours; strutting around, and truly believing you looked wonderful? Well, you did. In the words of Amy Poehler, nobody looks stupid when they're having fun. And if you can't have fun with your clothes, then what's the point? As Apfel has said, "There are no fashion police to take you away." Only you are in control of making yourself happy through what you wear.

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4. Patti Smith
When she began performing in the late 1960s, Patti Smith flipped gender norms on their head(s), embracing pieces typically reserved for men as the punk movement picked up momentum. Button-up shirts, ties, t-shirts, and a complete lack of makeup became her aesthetic calling card, proving that to be stylish, you needn't stick to a look reserved for women; that in addition to being art, fashion is about challenging convention. Since, she's maintained her quintessential Patti Smith look, proving the effectiveness of minimalism and that power lies in dressing exactly the way you want. The best.

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