The Originals Episode 19 Recap: An Unblinking Death

Poor uncle Kieran knows exactly what's going to happen to him but he can't do anything to stop it. Cami's still determined to save him, of course. She brings a doctor in to see him and convinces him to try shock therapy on Kieran. Meanwhile, Marcel reaches out to Klaus to tell him that Cami needs his help — but when he reaches her, she's already trying to shock the witches' spell out of her uncle. 

Both Elijah and Klaus seem to think Hayley needs saving, too, but of course they both have very different plans. 

Elijah goes to see the wolves and confronts them about the deal they've made with Klaus. Before they can get down to the nitty gritty, a mystery man pulls up on a dirtbike and blows himself up, apparently looking to cause harm to the wolf "in charge" but Elijah intercepts him, although some wolves still get injured and Hayley's ears are ringing badly. She seems to think Marcel is behind the whole thing, so she goes in search of him. She gets out just in time, too – suddenly, more bombs start going off everywhere in the bayou where the wolves live. 

When Hayley confront Marcel, he says he had nothing to do with the suicide bomber. He also reveals he's the one who saved her from the werewolf curse when she was a child, getting her out of the bayou. He's known who she was all along and he wants her to know that he had nothing to do with her parents' death. He also tries to give her money to get her out of town so she's safe. He thinks humans could be behind the bombs.

In desperation, Cami asks Klaus to turn Kieran into a vampire. He obliges, even though he isn't sure Kieran won't just be a vampire with a curse after he transitions. When he wakes up, it seems like the hex is gone, but he also doesn't want to finish the transition to becoming a vampire. At least he can make the choice for himself, though. He doesn't want Cami to be there (how is he fighting the urge to drink her blood? We know from past characters it's a super strong feeling!) 

Back at the bayou, Oliver is explaining to Eve that he had something to do with the bombings. He was trying to rebalance the power in the pack and says he had to do whatever it took to make them stronger. Now they have somebody to hate and they'll never know it was him. He kills Eve after admitting to his crime.

Hayley returns to find Oliver making a move for power in the wake of the tragedy. Elijah tells her Jackson will be in the same boat, although he's taking it more to heart (since he had nothing to do with it!)

Klaus confronts Genevieve about the explosions. He's upset about the attack on his child, in particular. Genevieve tells him Kieran's hex will return – but the boundary spell keeping him in the church attic will no longer be effective, so he's now a danger to the big wide world – and especially Cami. He goes after her and gets a taste of her blood, completing the transition. His visions tell him to kill her but Klaus shows up (of course!) and intervenes. He kills him once and for all.

Then he does the courtesy of calling Marcel. "Your exile is suspended for the next 24 hours. You may return to the quarter to bury your friend." He does this for Cami, so Marcel can comfort her.

"The city's at a breaking point," says Marcel. "We need to be ready." His lackees took a key from Kieran before he died. Apparently it's important, but we don't know how yet.

As for the Originals, they're torn about choosing a side in all the mayhem in their home city. All they know is that they choose their own side. Elijah and Klaus cheers to victory.

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