Stars Shine at BRIT Awards

Tuesday night saw some of the biggest names in the UK and International spotlights on the red carpet for the 30th Annual BRIT Awards.

U.S. stars Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Courtney Love made the trek across the pond for the awards ceremony which drew a whopping 6 million viewers.

Big winners of the night included Robbie Williams, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga, who’s Marie Antoinette-esque hair and revealing skin-tight body suit resulted in an outfit fit for a McQueen. Gaga has mourned the loss of friend and fashion royalty Alexander McQueen since his death last week. She therefore toned down her routine opting for a more sombre, acoustic performance.  

But they can’t all be that classy. Like any good awards show, the BRITs weren’t without scandal. British sweetheart (and host of Simon Cowell’s US-bound show X-Factor) Cheryl Cole landed in the middle of scandal earlier this week, after X-rated pics of footballer hubby Ashley Cole were sent to another woman. This is the second time allegations of infidelity on his behalf have surfaced; he admitted to cheating on her with a hairdresser back in 2007. He was banned from attending Tuesday’s show, which featured Cheryl performing without her wedding ring.

And of course, leave it to Liam Gallagher to stir up controversy. After winning “Best Album of 30 Years” for “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”, he swore and cursed, thanked all the Oasis band members bar his brother, and then threw his microphone into the crowd.

Host Peter Kay responded with what we’ve all been thinking for the last 15 years: 

“What a knobhead”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Did you watch the BRIT Awards? What did you think? 

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