Six Degrees of Coachella

This year, Coachella is as much about the stars on the stage as the stars in the crowd.

Colorado desert has had every star from the Geldof girls to Kate Bosworth turn out for the annual music festival, which is said to have sold out as attendance reaches an all-time high.

The three-day event has seen attendance upwards of 15,000 a day, a record boost from previous years. And with a new 1am curfew in place, the party is only getting bigger, louder and longer.

Model Agnes Deyn is in attendance, sporting a new Sinead O’Connor-esque buzz cut. She’s been seen out with Pixie Geldof, sister of shamed Peaches, whose been making the rounds with director and Inglorious Basterds star Eli Roth. Kate Bosworth has also been spotted in the crowd among other stars such as Kelly Osborne.

On the stage, an equally impressive line-up has entertained the massive audience. Jay-Z has garnered particular praise for his performance, which featured a surprise guest “ non other than his wife Beyonce. Other artists including MGMT, Devo and British favourite Muse.

But Coachella isn’t turning out to be fun for everyone. Many British acts such as Frightened Rabbit and The Cribs are having to miss it entirely, grounded along with hundreds of thousands of travellers due to Iceland’s erupting volcano.

But for those who are fortunate enough to make it through the stand-still traffic and massive line-ups, Coachella is turning out to be the must-see rock event of the year. 

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