Prince William and Kate Release Engagement Photos

Royal junkies now have new visual aids for their favourite pair as Prince William and Kate Middleton released their official engagement portraits yesterday.  The two are set to marry in Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.

What makes Prince William and Princess-to-be Catherine so lovable is their mix of elegant charm and down-to-earth relationship. Sure, not every love story ends in an 18 carat diamond and sapphire rock that once belonged to Princess of Wales, Diana. But their relationship seems to be, in all appearances, normal. They had a brief breakup (and reconciliation) in 2007, she watches his polo matches, and they’ve reportedly been caught kissing outside a pub before.

The pictures, taken November 25, reflect that. The first “ and formal “ portrait was taken in Clarence House, where Prince Charles lives.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's official engagement portrait
All together now: AWW!

Kate’s ring isn’t the only thing passed down to the couple from the late Lady Di. The photos were shot by fashion photographer Mario Testino, who took iconic photos of Diana before her death in 1997.

To top off the I’m just like you attitude, Kate “ soon to be Catherine “ did her own makeup for the shoot.


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