The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Jeggings

Regardless of how great or foolproof a trend may seem, there’s always ways of going about it in the wrong way.  And though jeggings may seem the perfect counterpart to any blouse, sweater or an oversize boyfriend blazer, jeggings are no exception to the you’re wearing it wrong rule.  That’s why we’ve given you the ultimate go-to source: the top dos and don’ts of wearing jeggings.

DON’T: Wear them like actual pants
There are grey areas to every yes and no, and we can promise that the they’re not pants rule is one that’s set to be hotly debated.  But fear not “ we’ve got your bases covered.  Let’s make it easy: if you’re rocking jeggings sans pockets and more on the cotton (read: leggings) side of things, avoid pairing them with anything above the butt.  If they fit like tights and are lacking structure, they’ll do nothing for your figure and leave nothing to the imagination (and you’re better than that).

DO: Wear them like actual pants
This may seem confusing, but let’s keep it simple: if jeggings have pockets and are high-waisted, you’re in the clear.  Pockets add structure to the behind, so if you pair your bottoms with a top that hits your waist, it won’t look as though you’re simply wearing tights.  That way, you can tuck in your t-shirt, blouse or tank for a more defined silhouette “ provided it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a spandex onesie.

DON’T: Go overboard
You may feel confident in your favourite trend, but as much as it may tempting to do so, avoid the Catwoman look and opt for a top to balance the sleekness of your bottoms.  For fall, pair your jeggings with a statement sweater or an oversize dress shirt and for nights on the town, rock a fitted tank with a leather bomber to keep you balanced and flattering.

DO: Go shoe crazy
Just like how leggings are the ultimate go-to for all things footwear-related, jeggings pick up where their cotton counterparts left off “ becoming the perfect companion for boots, flats and even heels.  While skinny jeans are perfect for tucking into slouchy ankle boots, jeggings match their flexibility and beat it “ making them the perfect bottoms for thigh-high boots currently taking the autumn by storm, or even 60s inspired ankle boots that normally work only with bona fight tights.

DON’T: Become a victim
The thing about fashion trends “ regardless of their staying power “ is that it can be easy to become a victim of their agenda.   Meaning?  If you go overboard with seasonal trends, your jeggings will simply look as though they’re an extension of the style section of your favourite magazine.  Like any look, keep accessories and what’s hot now to a minimum, and let your pieces speak for themselves.  You can pair jeggings with a statement coat, but avoid going overboard with accessories as well.  You want to rock thigh-high boots?  Go for it “ just leave the military jacket at home.

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  1. Avatar
    • Amanda
    • November 29, 2018

    Jegging and leggings would be fine ONLY if
    if they were dressed up with a blazer etc. Unfortunately what I see is they are often worn a size or two smaller that they should be. They don’t dress them up and they look much too casual therefore we just don’t permit them to be worn. In our job, we need to make our customers feel confident that they are dealing with professionals.

    1. Avatar
      • Brenda
      • November 21, 2019

      I so agree with this, Amanda. All these millennials saying it’s ok for them to wear cheap leggings with a short, tight top. It looks unprofessional and ridiculous with their flat butts on display. They would not be allowed in my workplace.

  2. Avatar
    • Sarah
    • August 28, 2018

    I disagree. Jeggings ARE pants and you can wear them as so. Not everyone wants to “do anything to their figure”. I wear them as I find jeans don’t fit me right, and jeggings look enough like jeans but fit like a leggings which is perfect.
    There’s no need to wear a “flowy” top or have it go over your butt. If you want to wear a shorter top, go for it.
    Jeggings are essentially a type of jean, so wear what you want with them.

  3. Avatar
    • Packidly
    • May 23, 2018

    Those denim tights women are wearing really look horrible and silly at the same time.

    1. Avatar
      • Tina
      • October 27, 2018

      It may look “horrible” and “silly” to you, but they may feel good about themselves, and there’s something really kind and loving in the word “good”, if you look carefully <3

  4. Avatar
    • jolie
    • June 28, 2014
    Yeah, pairing leggings with a flowing top also looks funny. Skinny legs, big upper body is just awful.

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