What to Wear to 6 Types of Yoga Classes

The deep stretching and power poses that a great yoga class can provide can no doubt make you feel amazing – but only if you’re not being cut into by an underwire bra or suffocated by an elastic waistband the whole time. Before you head to your yoga class of choice, know the dress code. Here are 6 popular types of yoga classes and what you should wear to them.



A gentle form of yoga ideal for beginners, hatha yoga incorporates simple, stress-relieving poses like cat-cow, chair pose, warrior one and two, and so on. For this type, wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in, whether its form-fitting yoga pants or loose flannel drawstring pants. You won’t be stretching into a pretzel here, so wear something easy that lets you move within your limit.



Athletic and quick-paced, this type of yoga involves deep stretching and twisting poses, usually using straps and blocks. Wear lightweight yoga pants (ideally made of a sweat-wicking fabric like polypropelene – which most yoga pants are made of) and a fitted tank or tank that will stay put as you move. You’ll be twisting lots and holding tough poses for long periods of time, so you don’t want to be restricted.


hot yoga

Hot yoga classes tend to crank the heat upwards of 35 degrees, so get ready to sweat. Steer clear of baggy t-shirts (unless you’re into the wet t-shirt contest look), and go for a form-fitting, sweat-wicking tank and bicycle shorts. You might also want to wear a headband to keep the sweat out of your eyes, and stick a lightweight towel under your regular mat to absorb sweat. Don’t forget to bring a hand towel for your body, too.



Bikram yoga usually goes down in a room that’s over 35 degrees, classes are 90 minutes, and consist of the same 26 poses, which are all super deep stretches. Wear something that you’d work out in outdoors on a hot summer day. Think mesh, bike shorts, lightweight tanks, or sports bra. Avoid cotton and anything that will bunch, weigh you down, or get tangled up.

Power / Flow / Vinyasa:


Vinyasa translates to “breath-synchronized movement,” and is made up of a series of poses that flow with your breath in an almost dance-like way. Prepare for lots of movement, less holding poses (lots of sun salutations here). Wear a sports bra and a breathable, fitted outfit that won’t get tangled up around you, but nothing too tight that hinders your breath.



Yin yoga guides you through a series of deep, slow stretches. The long holds require endurance and flexibility, so you’ll want a super stretchy pair of yoga pants and top to help facilitate your deepest movements. Comfort and flexibility of fabrics are key here.

On the mat as well as in the wardrobe department, yoga is all about doing what feels right – dress in what jives with you! (… but if you want some yoga style inspiration, we recommend checking out these 10 super-hot yogis on Instagram.)

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