10 Yogis to Follow on Instagram

Instagram allows us see the coolest photos of fashion, food and even keep us up-to-date on our favorite celebrities. It’s also a great way to seek out new fitness inspiration to help with maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and there are no better examples than people who practice yoga.

We’ve compiled 10 must-follow yogis on Instagram who will nourish your mind, spirit, as well as inspire you to strike daring poses on and off the mat.

Carson Clay Calhoun @carsonclaycalhoun

Who says yoga is a women’s thing? Not us and certainly not Carson Clay Calhoun. This muscular man is a beast on the mat that can get into a head and handstand like it’s a walk in the park. While we can’t help but be a little envious of his yoga skills but also smile as he works comedic dance routines when teaching his students.

Irene Pappas @fitqueenirene

Calling Irene Pappas by her Instagram name “@fitqueenirene” is a complete understatement; she’s only been practicing yoga since 2012 and already has garnered more than 350k+ followers online with her impressive poses. A practitioner of Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, Pappas’s messages of positivity, spirituality and self-empowerment will have you following her in a heartbeat.

Caitlin Turner @gypsetgoddess

She’s blond, has green eyes and has a body to die for. We’re talking about Caitlin Turner (aka: @gypsetgoddess), the jet setting yogi with more than 194k+ followers who travels the world encouraging people with her yoga pictures and video tutorials.

Jason Crandell @jason_crandell

Named by Yoga Journal as one of the “talented young teachers (who) are shaping the future of yoga,” Jason Crandell is a Vinyasa teacher whose Instagram account gives countless yoga tips and pointers to those looking to develop their practice.

Kathryn Budig @kathrynbudig

A self-described foodie, adventurer and dog lover, Kathryn Budig travels the globe teaching the joys of yoga. However, when you see her taking dancer’s pose in a pair of 2.5 inch heels you’ll give her ‘nuff respect and add her to your timeline.

Kino MacGregor @kinoyoga

If Kino MacGregor’s lovely smile, bright personality and internationally acclaimed reputation don’t get you to hit the “Follow” button immediately then check out her jaw-dropping yoga poses. MacGregor is also a published author of two books, has an Instagram audience of 247k+ followers and a YouTube channel chock full of yoga how-to videos.

Laura Sykora @laurasykora

She practices yoga in her home and at the office, and is usually seen doing inverted poses on her head and hands. Laura Sykora is one of those yogis online whose jaw-dropping skills make you wish that you could copy her. Add her two adorable children into the Instagram mix and you have a must-follow combination.

Pat Bailey @patbailey

From the inside of a yoga studio to the vineyards of Napa Valley, Pat Bailey is a California-based yoga teacher who can make a one hand handstand appear as if it requires absolutely no muscle. She looks to instill and pass on the happiness and joy of yoga through to her students and followers. Did we mention that she can get into a one hand handstand? Unbelievable!

Patrick Beach @patrickbeach

Bearded, blue-eyed and with a physique to match, Patrick Beach is the third male on our list of must-follow yogis. Beach practices and teaches Vinyasa style yoga with a focus on building strength, flexibility and learning to float effortlessly while in the air. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you see your timeline populated with his countless head and handstands.

Rachel Brathen @yogagirl

Rachel Brathen is @yogagirl, the Swedish bombshell with a stunning personality, inspirational practice and an online audience of 744k+ followers. She often strikes a pose on a pristine, white, sandy beach all the while showing the joys of incorporating yoga into your everyday life.

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