Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Work

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had the best of luck lately (if luck is what you want to call it). But it seems the actress (a term I choose to use loosely) is trying to put her woes behind her and get back to work. 

Lindsay spent Friday at Siren Studio in LA where she tweeted that she was doing a photo shoot for the Japanese-based magazine, JJ. And, admittedly, she looks quite gorgeous in the pictures she shared with her tweoples. 

This is the first time we’ve really seen Lindsay out and about and working since she left the Betty Ford clinic just a few weeks ago. However, the drama from rehab seems to have followed her back home. An employee of the Betty Ford clinic, Dawn Holland, claims that she and Lindsay had a deal to take a few pictures together and Dawn was allegedly promised $10,000 for the photos. However this shoot never happened and Dawn is none too pleased. Lindsay, however, says that Dawn is just trying to scam her way into some celebrity money, which really doesn’t seem far fetched. Should rehab clinic employees really be making deals with celebrities who are in rehabilitation, anyway? 

And that’s not all. In an attempt to get her career back in gear, Lindsay Lohan sent in her application to be on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. But Donald Trump was just not having it. 

“Lindsay Lohan has to straighten herself out first,” said Donald Trump. “And I know Dina, she’s a really lovely woman. I don’t think she gets very much credit ” she’s tried. I know Michael a little bit. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay Lohan get straightened out.

Well, at least Lindsay has some photo shoots to rely on. I actually hope 2011 is the year we see Lindsay Lohan get her act together and her career back. Although, knowing Lindsay, we might even see her back in rehab before the year is over. 

Are you rooting for Lindsay, or is she just a lost cause? 

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