Megan Fox Talks Lack of Girl Power

As you may or may not know, Comic-Con happened this weekend (we did it, everyone!), and at Comic-Con, every celebrity we know and love gathers to talk about the things that matter: the movie or TV shows we are interested in.

In this case, Megan Fox attended a panel in support of the upcoming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and talked about how her character April lost a lot of "girl power" on the cutting room floor.

"[April] is an ambitious journalist that's not making it the way she wants because people underestimate her," Fox explained. "I couldn't possibly relate to that."

She went on to say that April is less sexualized than her own roles in the past, and that's she's "a little angsty, not darker, but a little less a happy-go-lucky super-sweet damsel-in-distress. Slightly grittier."

Cool! But here's where the problem lies: the digitalized turtles actually got more ass-kicking-oriented screen time than Fox (a real human being).

"A lot of girl power ended up on the cutting room floor, actually," she admitted. "I had a really awesome scene where I was fighting The Foot Clan, but I think they were like, 'Why would a tiny journalist be able to kick so much ass? So that got cut. But I have a moment, Shredder and I have a moment Maybe it's badass. You tell me when you see it."

You can watch more of the panel at HitFix, but can we just admit something? How disappointing. Maybe the tiny journalist took self defense. Maybe she's just very equipped to handle bad guys. Maybe it doesn't matter, just give Megan Fox some real Girl Power scenes and save this Michael Bay film from itself. Megan Fox, if I ever make a movie you may have all the ass-kicking scenes you want. (And here's to not underestimating you and your harsh truths.)

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