Natalie Portman Gets Customized Vegan Fashion from Dior

Natalie Portman is in the news lots lately with Black Swan Oscar buzz and in her new role as the face of Miss Dior Cherie perfume.  Natalie Portman has revealed that in addition to modelling for the cosmetics and fashion house, she also receives customized vegan products and accessories to suit her vegan lifestyle. (See, everyone? You don’t need to wear only cotton and hemp to dress environmentally aware.)

Having admitted last year that reading the Jonathan Safran Foer book, Eating Animals changed her from a “twenty-year vegetarian to a vegan activist”, the actress also wrote a heartfelt letter justifying her veganism and refuses to wear leather or any other animal byproduct.

So the question of the hour remains: when are we going to get Dior vegan alternatives? Word on the street is that Portman’s signed to a longstanding contract, so it only makes sense that the label’s products release products to reflect their spokespeople (right?). 

And frankly, with the likes of Stella McCartney, H&M and ASOS prided on their organic and vegan products, it seems to go vegan is even more “in” than previously thought. (See? It’s just not Hollywood actors and PETA anymore.) So when can we finally acknowledge that “green” is a trend spreading far beyond the reaches of cotton and cheap synthetic? 

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