The Scoop on Hydrating Powders

By now, most beauty junkies have experimented with every form of face makeup “ liquid, cream-to-powder, mousse, gel “ we’ve seen it all. But there’s one new arrival on the scene that even we were a bit curious about “ hydrating powders. Smashbox introduced their Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder first, which has been followed this year by two intriguing new entries: Revlon’s Aqua Mineral Powder, and Stila’s Hydrating Finishing Powder.

The products look great and promise flawless results, but we were still perplexed. How can a powder be hydrating? We talked to Lyndsay Craig, an R&D Specialist at Stila, to find out if this product really can deliver it all.

Q. Are hydrating powders best for a particular skin type?
A. They can be used on all skin types, However they’re fantastic on normal to dry skin, or skin that is maturing.

We say: If your skin is too dry for a regular powder, but you still want something to set your makeup, this could be the answer.

Q. What gives traditional powders that chalky finish?
A. Most powders in the market place contain a mineral called Talc. Talc, in a powder form, can help to eliminate oil and will absorb shine on the skin.

We say: Keep an eye out for talc if you find that typical powders looks unnatural on your skin.

Q. How can a powder be hydrating?
A. The powder contains a technology called micro-encapsulated ectoin, which time-releases hydration into the skin. As the skin needs moisture throughout the day the powder releases hydration into the skin. This ensures a fresh, smooth look all day.

We say: Ok, but which ingredients actually moisturize?

A. – Silica, which absorbs oil and leaves skin looking smooth.
– Meadow Seed Extract for anti-oxidant protection and skin-conditioning.
– Hyaluronic acid to help skin maintain moisture and stay hydrated.

Bottom line: The addition of silica probably has a lot to do with the Stila Hydrating Finishing Powder’s silky coverage “ it’s similar to the ingredients in many primers, so it makes sense that it would glide on smoothly. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more natural powder “ but since it contains slightly heavier ingredients than usual, go a little easier on the makeup you wear underneath it. Both silica and hyaluronic acid have been proven to be quality ingredients, which means you actually will get some bang for your buck by upgrading to a hydrating powder.

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