Christina Aguilera is ‘Not Herself Tonight’

Christina Aguilera has been out of the music scene for quite a while, but now the pop star is back and ready to tackle the world again with her latest single “Not Myself Tonight.” The songstress has caused quite the buzz by announcing the premiere for her new video this Friday and will be sending teasers out all week with sneak peek stills.

Aguilera’s latest single has been taking a slow trek up the charts and there has been a lot of talk that she might not be able to live up to the hype that is surrounding her upcoming album, Bionic. From the looks of the first single, Aguilera is putting up a pretty big fight for the title of pop princess but I’m not quite sure that she is going to win this battle. After hearing the first single, I’d have to say that Xtina is trying a little too heard to compete on pop radio and has lost her fabulous voice somewhere in that mix. 

Aguilera has also been under the gossip microscope after incessantly being compared to Lady Gaga. From her current hairdo to her wardrobe choices, the masses seem to think that the newbie on the scene is running the show. While Gaga is on a page all on her own, I am definitely on team Christina and I hope that “Not Herself Tonight” is not an indication of what Bionic has in store for us. 


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