Olsen Twins Launch First Fragrances

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are getting ready to release not one but two fragrances. Their fashion line Elizabeth and James will be launching the fragrances — called Nirvana White and Nirvana Black — early next year. 

While this might seem like news to the rest of us, the Olsen twins said they have been working on releasing the scents for years. The sisters spent almost two years developing the scents. 

"We always knew we wanted to have a fragrance for this brand, because it's very lifestyle," Ashley said. "There are many componenets to the brand. We felt that between the brand Elizabeth and James and Sephora that we were really speaking together directly to our customer. We felt that was a really good place to start exploring the world of fragrance and beauty." 

Admitting to being perfectionists, Mary-Kate and Ashley reveal that Nirvana Black, which was developed first, had 50 different versions before they were satisfied. But once that was done, Nirvana White seemed like a breeze, only taking a few months to develop.

"I'm more into oils, and that's actually why it took so long [to develop the fragrance]," Mary-Kate said. "We didn't want to just do another perfume. We wanted it to be able to sit on your skin like an oil, and to wear like an oil and to have that intimacy of how it becomes a part of you." 

Nirvana White and Nirvana Black will be available at Sephora in three sizes starting in January. 

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