No Angel: David Boreanaz Cheats

Because it’s a day ending in y, another Hollywood hunk has confessed to cheating on his wife.

Former Angel (ha, couldn’t resist) David Boreanaz admits to his marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. The news comes just 9 months after the couple welcomed their second child.

The former teen heartthrob, who now stars in Bones alongside Emily Deschanel, is apparently coming forward as a result of a blackmail/extortion plot. The other woman reportedly asked for hush money to avoid going public with the story a la Bombshell Magee. Boreanaz declined.

I just want to be open and honest, he explains. I was irresponsible.

Boreanaz, 40, and his wife Jaime Bergman have been married for 9 years. No divorce papers have been filed as yet – instead the couple are choosing counselling. “We’re working on our marriage. We’re working on repairing what has been damaged so badly, he says.

The term infidelities, plural, suggests there’s been more than one indiscretion. And considering the actor has declined to pay to keep the story under wraps, I think it’s only a matter of time before women start crawling out of the woodwork blabbing their tales to the weeklies. Doesn’t this all seem a little familiar?


If you want to have your teenage fantasies shattered further, Boreanaz’s exclusive hits newsstands Friday. 

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