New Obsession: Kim at the Museum

Whether Kim Kardashian’s Selfish book is a work of art is debatable, so someone decided to settle the argument. Sid Lee‘s Tumblr account called Kim at the museum features a collection of photos that make Kim look like she’s a part of a bunch of famous paintings and sculptures at the MET. Basically, a Kim K selfie is held up in front of a chosen art piece in such a way as to make them merge together.

This mash-up of classic artwork and modern media offers a lightly entertaining new way of looking at both old and new art. Here are some of our favourites:

The Source by Gustave Courbet (1862)


Just a naked lady enjoying the feeling of rushing water against her boobs. No big deal. Very au naturale. Now add Kim:


This is less naturale considering the weird contortion of the body that is going on. Still, it’s a pretty good fit.

Portrait of a Woman, Probably Susanna Lunden by Peter Paul Rubens (1625)


Okay, the fact that the artist isn’t quite sure who the woman is, and is willing to admit it, is pretty gold. Probably Susanna here has some pretty good cleave going on already, but wait till we add Kim (though we must warn you, this is NSFW).


The look on Probably Susana’s face says it all. Probably the funniest part about this is how Sid Lee cited this picture as “Probably Kim.” Luckily, it would be relatively easy to cross-reference for confirmation.

Mater Dolorosa by Pedro de Mena (1674)


This beautiful Spanish sculpture epitomizes pain, tragedy, and suffering. It’s almost sinful to make light of it with a Kim K selfie, but alas, we must.


Less pain, tragedy, and suffering, and more sex, sweat, and shimmer. And again with the boobs. At least they’re more covered up this time? Albeit ever so slightly.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Pietro Lorenzetti (1342)

SF LorenzettiCatherine of Alexandria was a Christian saint, princess, and scholar dating way back to the early 4th century. She died at the hands of Roman Emperor Maxentius by martyrdom. Overall, a supremely badass historical female figure. Now let’s add a supremely badass modern-day female figure.


It’s amazing how perfectly Kim’s cat eyes match the colourful regal attire of the Alexandrian royalty. All she’s missing is the crown.


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