Michelle Obama and Beyonce Get Down with Middle Schoolers for Let’s Move

Beyonce recently joined Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to help spread and beat childhood obesity throughout America. Beyonce even rewrote her hit song “Get Me Bodied” and re-titled it “Move Your Body” for a video that encourages kids to get up and be active through dance. 

The video itself serves as a four-minute instructional workout that includes fairly basic dance-steps and infuses several dance styles such as Latin, Dancehall, and even the running man. 

Yesterday, the First Lady and Beyonce paid surprise visits to middle schools in Washington and New York with the Let’s Move video and showed off their own moves as they recreated the dance steps from the music video. Yes, that’s right, an Obama did the running man in public (my love for Michelle Obama has grown tenfold). 

“I am excited to be part of this effort that addresses a public health crisis,” said Beyonce, who has recently lost some weight herself. “First Lady Michelle Obama deserves credit for tackling this issue directly.”

The “Move Your Body” video was distributed to schools all across the country to teach them the moves and help them get active. While Michelle and Beyonce were dancing the four-minute flash dance with students, other teens and tweens around the country were participating simultaneously.

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