Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch

Alongside their four fashion brands, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have a brand new endeavor on their hands — The twins have teamed up with MySpace founder, Josh Berman, to give people around the world a personalized shopping experience through a social media platform. 

Where do Mary-Kate and Ashley fit in? They’ll be the designers, of course! The fashionistas will be starting off with a line of t-shirts for $29.99. They will also be making videos for the website — a few style tips from the designers themselves. 

“Online commerce is the perfect medium for us to create a new brand that is as much about the clothing as it is about the customer experience,” Ashley said. 

When new members sign up on, they will have the option to do a few short quizzes that will help determine which clothing items will fit in with their personal style. That’s definitely a great feature for those who haven’t quite found their fashion identity yet. 

It seems to me like celebrity desingers and fashion icons are really jumping on this personalized fashion online experience bandwagon. Ashley and Mary-Kate are following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and Kate Bosworth who have begun similar websites, and will make it’s official launch in July, but if you want to be the first in line for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s t-shirts, head over to the website and sign-up now! 

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