Five Top Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Plan

Ever feel that you just can’t stick to your workout plan for one more day? That your getup and go has got up and gone permanently? No matter how fit or athletic you are, everyone has days (or even weeks) where they feel their workout momentum has dried up. Looking for ways to get back on track with your workout plan? Try some of the tips below.  

Exercise in the morning. By making your workout the first thing accomplished in the morning, you’ll be able to stick to it better. Instead of putting it off or dreading your workout, it will be over before you’re even beginning to think of ways to avoid it. This eliminates the I’m too tired to workout after work syndrome, too. Studies have shown that morning workouts have tons of benefits, from everything to decreasing appetite and revving up your energy level to actually keeping your brain healthier. So rise and shine for that workout and keep that momentum going.

Start small. Tell yourself you’re only going to work out for ten minutes (or even five.) Once you get going, it’s much easier to keep adding on a few more minutes until your full goal is reached. This keeps your momentum going in two ways “ you’ll feel encouraged by exercising faithfully, and pleased at pushing yourself longer than originally intended.

Train for something special. Find a local charity walk, such as an Avon or Susan Komen cancer walk (or run), and map out a plan to achieve a level of fitness to accomplish that 5K run (or whatever special goal you have chosen.) It may be easier to stick to a fitness plan when motivated by earning money for a cause rather than personal fitness (or vanity.)

Do what you like. Don’t force yourself to do yoga if you find it boring, or spinning classes if you just can’t stand them. Try out activities until you find one you really enjoy “ running, swimming, biking, whatever – and then make that your workout plan. You’ll find it much easier to keep workout momentum going when you’re looking forward to that workout rather than dreading it.

Take a picture. Be sure to take a picture of yourself when you start your exercise plan, so that you can see your progress  as you become more and more fit. If you can find a picture of yourself looking particularly  unfit (and you know there’s one hidden somewhere), use that to keep momentum going, too. Even the most devoted workout fan can feel discouraged or unmotivated, so a quick peek at the progress that has been made may be all that’s needed to keep that momentum going!

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