Making Time to Be Selfish

Everyone has those days where they’re feeling a little more blah than usual. (As the “Friends” theme song states, “when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.”) Off days are normal and will happen no matter how we feel about it. And it’s not always those blah days that need some spicing up, it can be a necessity in everyday life as well. So the next time there’s an off day where it seems NOTHING is seeming to go as planned, or just a little something out-of-the ordinary is needed, do something to celebrate yourself!

Having a “me” day can be one of the best ways to cheer up … without feeling guilty about it. Use these steps to not only enjoy a day for yourself, but knock out that to-do list that has been put off for months. 

Mix rewards with tasks
This is the best way to accomplish things without feeling overwhelmed. If the day has been especially awful, go shopping, have a cup of gourmet coffee, whatever it is that helps relieve stress. Some days are just a wash. The important thing is to not feel bad about treating yourself to a little R&R. Resting up will make you more productive for the rest of the week. Taking a day off is never something to shy away from. It will improve your mood far better than working through a stressful day would have.

However, if the day has been as planned, and nothing out of the ordinary has ruined your mood:

Set up a reward system
Make a list of all the things that need to get done, and then decide what rewards you will get once they are accomplished. Everyone has this list, the things that have been put off for months that there hasn’t been time for. And it doesn’t need to be only “task-y” things; has your hair been needing a color? That goes on the list as well. The old purse has a broken handle? Time to buy a new one. Add all of these things to the list and then decide on the good part: your rewards. Once a few items have been knocked off, head to the salon for a mani/pedi. Pay the bills while your nails dry.

By mixing tasks and rewards, things will still get finished, but without the stress or hassle. And because the list is getting checked off, you’ll feel less guilty about the rewards. Not only will you get to relax, you’ll be accomplishing things!

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