Big Brother Canada 3 Recap: Episode 2

The first eviction of the season is…

Last night was the first live eviction episode of the season on Big Brother Canada, and this week Canada had 24 hours to choose between Pilar, the cheerleader, or Risha the cougar.

But first, it was time to address the furniture situation or lack thereof. The houseguests were put to the test in a challenge called Balls Out where they had to keep five giant balloons in the air without popping them for five hours each. Kevin, the poker player from Calgary, was offered a thousand dollars to sabotage the challenge by popping one of the balloons, and he graciously accepted for Canada.

Kevin big brother canada

Despite Kevin’s mischief and an emotional breakdown from Johnny, the houseguests managed to complete the challenge and decipher a code to unlock the Big Brother vault containing the house’s furniture. Although Kevin may have won $1000, he didn’t go unnoticed, as Sarah, the vapor lounge hemp-loyee from Toronto, sensed that Kevin had been blowing smoke, and expressed her feelings to Brittnee.

sarah brittnee big brother canada

After Balls Out it was time for Boobs Out, as Risha began her campaign to stay in the house by going topless in the hot tub and flirting with the guys. Meanwhile Pilar was feeling safe and at peace as she got her downward dog on in Graig’s backyard yoga class.

Risha big brother canada hot tub

At the live eviction, Arisa stunned the house by revealing that the first Twistos Twist was that Canada held the power to evict, meaning Canada is literally more empowered by snacks than ever. Pilar and Risha were sent to the vault to retrieve envelopes revealing that Canada voted to evict Risha. Dressed in an almost too on the nose form-fitting leopard print dress, Risha made her way out the door to take a seat next to Arisa.

pilar risha eviction

It’s devastating to see Risha go so soon when she had so much more story to tell, but thanks to Big Brother sponsor KFC, there is a glimmer of hope. Naturally, Risha’s fate rests in KFC’s hands, as Arisa revealed that at some point there may be a chance for her to re-enter the house, and once again I find myself praying to the colonel.

Moving on to the first HOH challenge of the season, the houseguests began what was surely a lengthy endurance challenge that involved hoisting themselves up in a Plexiglas cubicle with very little room to stand on, or clothing to wear.

Although the results of the challenge wont air until Sunday, eager fans can check out the 24/7 live feeds on to find out who won.

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