Madonna Releases Skincare Line in Japan

Madonna is once again expanding her empire with the launch of MDNA Skin. The Queen of Pop teamed up with MTG, a Japanese beauty company, for the limited-edition skincare line. 

MDNA Skin consists of a three-part treatment system. The first is a chrome clay mask which helps to treat oily skin. It is made from Italian clay and helps to enrich the skin. The second is the skin rejuvenator, which is designed to remove impurities and revitalize skin it the help of a Magnetic Force and Deep Derma induction system. Lastly is the serum, which is based on a formula that was exclusively created for Madonna herself.

"The brand's goal is to challenge women and their awareness about the art of beauty and skincare," said skincare artist, Michelle Peck, who is also Madonna's brand ambassador. "Using these products routinely as part of daily skincare regime creates firm, resilient and radiant skin overflowing with energy after every use." 

Unfortunately for most of us, MDNA Skin will only be available in a pop-up store in Omotesando, Tokyo until February 23rd. It will be available in Japanese department stores beginning February 26th.

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