Trade in Your Old H&M Clothes and Get Paid!

Most of us go through our wardrobes when we need to justify adding something new (or maybe I just have a very small closet), so finding drop-offs can be tedious if you want to make sure your clothes end up at the right place.

Enter: H&M, and their new global garment collecting initiative, that begins in February.

Starting next year, customers will be able to bring their used clothing into select stores, where they can be reused, recycled, or donated to be re-worn. Since H&M is big on environmental sustainability, this makes sense — especially because the company noticeably tries to keep their clothing in-step with environmental awareness.

“Our sustainability efforts are rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility,” said Karl-Johan Persson, CEO. “We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn out or defective garments with H&M.”

H&M will be the first store to begin a clothing collective like this, and will also be offering incentives along with it. For every bag brought, customers will receive $5 off a $30 purchase. The move is in partner with I:Collect, which reprocesses garments to make them available for future wear.

Sounds like a pretty good way to begin the year! 

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