H&M to Cozy Up With Katy Perry for the Holidays

For some reason in the middle of summer, there is always that one person that feels the need to point out, OMG only 5 more months till Christmas! I mean, the holidays are great and all but can’t we just enjoy the heat while it lasts?

Sorry, but we are totally gonna be that guy and talk about the holidays now. It’s good news though! H&M will be bringing the heat this winter with smokin’ hot pop queen Katy Perry as the star of their Holiday 2015 Campaign. AND there’s even rumours swirling around that she might be teaming up with sexy soccer god David Beckham to really make the campaign sizzle (it’s been said that she will be hanging ornaments off his nearly naked bod…now that’s our kind of decorating!). So at least there’s that to look forward to.

Set to launch in November, Katy will appear in a global TV and print campaign celebrating the sense of togetherness and joy that the holidays bring. Her charismatic presence as well as her bold and unique sense of style makes a perfect match for the fashionably versatile H&M style.

H&M’s Head of Design Pernilla Wohlfahrt released a statement on behalf of the company: We are thrilled that Katy Perry will star in our campaign this holiday season. We love everything about Katy, from her incredible talent and energy to her playful sense of personal style.

Aside from her amazing talent and record-shattering fame, Katy Perry is most definitely also known for her style. She’s the highest paid female artist out there and can easily afford the best of the best when it comes to fashion, yet she still remains faithful to H&M as one of her original favourites.

She says, H&M was one of the places where I first began cultivating my personal style. I have continued to love integrating H&M pieces into my wardrobe throughout the years. One of the reasons I love the holidays is being able to dress cozy and cute, which H&M executes so well for every budget.

She shared her excitement on Instagram too, with a campaign preview post showing her in a suuuuper comfy looking sweater and a festive red bow in her hair. Combine this with her suuuuper cute caption and really, you just can’t help but get those warm fuzzies that you’ll certainly need once the cold hits.

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