Elton John: Drug Whisperer

Because rehab is so 2009, troubled rapper Eminem is said to be seeking addiction counselling from none other than Sir Elton John. The two collaborated musically in 2001 on the infamous Grammy performance of Eminem’s hit Stan, and have presumably stayed friends since.

John, who himself battled substance abuse in the eighties, spoke on BBC Radio Five Live about helping Eminem, saying, I’m there if people want help.

Celebrities helping celebrities  – finally.

We’ve lost too many celebs over the last couple of years to drug abuse. The search of Brittany Murphy’s house after her death two weeks ago revealed numerous prescription drugs made out in her name. The deaths of DJ AM, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were all deemed drug overdoses. When Eminem released his now-aptly titled album Relapse back in May of last year, he spoke of being addicted to drugs like Ambien and Valium, taking as many as 20 a day. Gone are the days of party drugs so it seems “ Hollywood appears to be overdosing on prescription narcotics.

So just who exactly do we hold accountable? The Doctors for writing these prescriptions? The celebs for requesting them? Whatever’s being done behind closed doors is not being done responsibly; did I mention all three of the aforementioned overdoses were accidental?

Let’s hope other celebrities can follow in Elton John’s footsteps and reach out to other stars sampling lethal cocktails of prescription pills. It’s a sad state of affairs when the price of fame costs the same amount as a bottle of Vicodin. 

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