Couples Therapy for The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo & Nikki

As if we didn't get enough of Bachelor contestant Juan Pablo Galavis this past season, he and girfriend and Bachelor "winner" (I used that term very, very loosely) Nikki Ferrell are going to be on the upcoming season of VH1's Couple's Therapy, according to E! News. The reality TV show chronicles celebrity couples as they work through their relationship issues on national television. While we're sure that Juan Pablo and Nikki do have their share of issues (though I think general douchebaggery is a permanent, incurable condition), considering the couple stated quite explicitly to Chris Harrison on After the Final Rose that they wanted privacy as they moved forward with their relationship, it seems silly to plaster your issues all over TV once again—but hey, it just really confirms our suspicions of JP's intentions anyway. 

Before news broke that Juan Pablo and Nikki would be on the upcoming fifth season (airing on VH1 this September), VH1 had hinted that a couple appearing on the upcoming season had a "highly volatile relationship with the press."

B- and C-list celebrities like Jon Gosselin, Hulk Hogan and DMX (though I have a particular soft spot for the "Ruff Ryders Anthem" rapper) have appeared on the show to work through their problems with counselors sort of proving that depsite what JP thinks of himself, he's really just another douchebag who's 15 minutes are over. 

And while we're not entirely sure that whatever the hell is wrong with this horribly mismatched couple can be repaired, we hope that sorting it through on national television helps at least a little bit. 

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