Chrissie Hynde tries out her Fairground Luck

It seems that with every day that passes, one more celebrity wants to delve into fashion and stretch their creative limbs.  However, there are certain personalities that do such endeavours proud, and when it comes to The Pretenders’ front woman, Chrissie Hynde, she’s one that’s sure to create a line that’s edgy, risky and undoubtedly badass.

At 58 years old, Hynde is joining forces with former romantic (and current musical) partner JP Jones, and the two are embarking on an environmentally-friendly clothing line they’ve named Fairground Luck “in honour of Jones’ upbringing as a carnival arcade owner’s son.  (See?  Already this collection is interesting.)

Aimed at musicians, the line will feature skinny jeans, leather jackets, bags, cowboy boots and t-shirts, and as Fairground Luck has been prided on its environmental-friendliness, no actual animal skins will be used in any of the designs.

In a previous interview, Hynde explained her decision to delve into fashion: Like most women, I love fashion and clothes.  I love handbags and shoes.  Everybody will be able to find everything they love in a non-leather version.  Fashion should be fun.

Amen, Chrissie.  Not only that, but it’s refreshing that a designer pursues something she actually knows about.  And since the music industry is usually prided on its respect for the environment and for animals, undoubtedly Fairground Luck will be a hit.

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