The Grammys make for a Tweet-worthy night

With award season in full swing, it’s safe to say the Grammys have become just another three-hour excuse to watch television and eat cookies. However, after the performances (and controversial) wins from last night’s ceremony, it’s safe to say the (in)famous award season stepped up its game for 2011.

Not only did Canada’s own Arcade Fire walk away with the coveted Album of the Year, but for the first time in ions, Lady Gaga raised eyebrows in a “not-so-genius” way when she arrived on the red carpet wearing an . . . egg (huh?) before singing her rendition of the controversial “Born This Way”. (Did somebody say Madonna’s “Express Yourself”? Or some sort of 1999 Cher mash-up?) Which, of course was out-shined by her “birthed out of the said egg” shtick during her Gaga-esque performance. (But say what you will, the woman is fierce.)

And of course, there were the outfits. As per usual, Rihanna rocked her (now) trademark fire-red locks, as well as a bejazzled ensemble during one of her performances that we can only hope won’t be worn by anybody else ever again. (Under any circumstances – ever.) But of course, let’s not forget Katy Perry and her typical cotton-candy inspired stage ensemble that went hand-in-hand with the wedding footage of she and Russell Brand during her rendition of “Teenage Dream” and “Not Like the Movies”. (And while we’d like to make a cynical expression, it’s Valentine’s Day and they’re entirely cute.)

. . . Which, naturally, was topped only by footage of Nicole Kidman busting a move to Mick Jagger and his near-platform (running) shoes. (Priceless.)

So all in all, the Grammys stepped up their game for a year in music defined by pure style/sass. But the real question of the hour remains: will Barbara Streisand officially start listening to Arcade Fire?

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