Hilary Swank: Game Show Host?

Academy-award winning actress, red carpet royalty and . . . Academy-award winning actress? Hilary Swank may be those two great things, but is that the stuff of reality-based game show hosts?

According to industry insiders, The Million Dollar Baby star is in talks to star in a CW series known currently as The Untitled Hilary Swank Project, and while nobody in the studio is speaking, word on the street is that the program will be a studio-based game show in which fashion “die-hards” compete to test their knowledge of fashion, style and the industry. Like the game circuit would have it, the winner is awarded with a big-ticket prize (that we can all assume has something to do with the subject at hand), and we’re expected to take new interest in The Price is Right for fashionistas.

But really – Hilary Swank? The woman can wear a gown, but since when do award-winning actresses boast the natural charisma to make a relatively obsolete media form interesting? (Or maybe she can – after all, PS I Love You was something to be remembered.)

Though regardless of why, her alignment with Reveille – the studio behind The Biggest Loser and The Office – the project is still in its early stages (after all, a pilot hasn’t even been ordered yet), but you can’t help but think that with cheap and easy television now the industry norm, it’s only a matter of time before we see Ms. Swank channeling her inner Pat Sajak.


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