Chelsea Clinton Has Launched a BRIKA Collection

Chelsea Clinton is in the house! Or more specifically, she is in BRIKA's house, having just launched a collaboration with them. (I'm so good at these segways, right? Don't they just totally blow your mind?)

The former First Daughter — or, as her Twitter bio reads: wife/daughter/Vice-Chair champion of all things Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea, New Yorker, mom to Soren — has teamed up with the online artisan collective to launch the #SaveTheElephants collection, with 10% of all proceeds going to an organization helping to, well, save African elephants.

Refinery 29 reports that the co-founder of BRIKA, Jen Lee Koss, met and became close with Clinton during their time at Oxford, so this collaboration was pretty organic.

"We immediately thought of the artisans who would be right for this, and we also intuitively knew that they would be really inspired by the cause," Koss explained. "We felt the opportunity was so unique, and that many of them would get really creative in thinking about what to make!"

And the items are exactly that: creative. Ranging from $16 to $1200, buying something is completely possible.

"Women control two-thirds of the spending in the U.S.," Clinton told Refinery 29. "That's remarkable power that we have. The products that we buy for our homes lives should hopefully make us feel beautiful and make us feel good, but also be products that express our values. So, I would just hope that for the readers, that's something that we all think about."

Also, on a completely superficial note, the collection is really lovely-looking. You can also pick it up now.

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