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You can guarantee that with the onslaught of year-end lists, Vogue by no means planned to jump off the judgemental bandwagon. Meaning? Before taking a hiatus until January 4, British Vogue released their list of the year’s best trends – including some of our favourites, denim on denim and “mannish shoes”. (Oxfords, right? We call those oxfords.)

But of course, what comes before best looks comes best breaking news, and the fashion source extraordinaire listed the death of Alexander McQueen (in February) and the naming of the royal wedding dress designer as two of the year’s top stories. They also claimed “British girls led the way” in the world of runways while singing the praises of the Lanvin/H&M collaboration. Not to mention Naomi Campbell’s charity event (that let’s not lie, we can admit was overshadowed by her generous helpings of crazy.)

So needless to say, it’s been a year of extremes. And with bigger and better things planned for 2011 (can we all admit that the Kate-William wedding will probably guarantee headlines per week?) you can only hope that the next 365 days are a little kinder (no more celebrity deaths, please) – but also just as awesome (many more designer-chain store collaborations, please). Only seven days until the start of a “brand new chapter” – and only one question remains: can I still wear a Canadian tuxedo and get away with it?


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