The Bachelor Episode 7 Recap: Chris Tells All/Hello, Iowa!

Chris Tells All

In this one-hour bonus episode, Chris Harrison sat down with Kelsey, Farmer Chris and even Bachelorette Andi to talk about her breakup with Josh.

Kelsey and her prissy little self defended why she got let go from the house by using some big words, even though she was trying to explain how not condescending she was. Chris Harrison asked the hard-hitting questions and really pried into her “panic attack” and her speedy recovery. Kelsey stuck to her guns (you know she has some) and said that the panic attack was real, as were her emotions. When the Ashley I. confrontation was brought up, Kelsey explained that she didn’t realize there was any animosity and she still respects her (though her rants from last week’s episode suggested otherwise).

When it was time for Farmer Chris to start talking, he admitted that he knew less about women (and girl code for that matter) than he thought. They showed some clips of crazy eyes Ashley S., who was apparently known to “wander” quite a bit. Farmer Chris went through all the ladies that he let go, including Jillian, Jordan and Juelia. Chris prattled on about how amazing Britt is (even though we all know some hearts might get broken in the not-so-distant future).

Next up, it was a distraught Andi who was finally going to open up about her breakup with hunky ex-fiancé© Josh. Contrary to our hunches, it wasn’t one fight that split them up, but they had actually been struggling for a while. Through tears, Andi admitted that she really was in love with Josh (and probably will always be) and that it was after this season’s red carpet premiere that they realized they weren’t planning their wedding and that was a red flag. The reason? They weren’t bettering each other and they were both too passionate and no one was willing to budge, which we shouldn’t be surprised about considering their up and down relationship on the show.

Episode 7

After last week’s episode was cut off before the rose ceremony (again), we were anxious to see which ladies were headed to Iowa for the next test in their relationship with Farmer Chris. In the cocktail party, Britt asked Chris why he sent both Ashley I. and Kelsey packing, but he only half-answered. After a pretty honest and mutual talk, geographically confused Megan went home, and even though Farmer Chris said there was still going to be a rose ceremony, at the last minute, he decided to pack up all six ladies and bring them to Iowa after all.

For the first one-on-one date, Jade was getting some solo time, upping the stakes in Chris’ hometown of Arlington (especially considering the last time he brought a girl home was Andi). Chris greeted Jade with a big kiss and gave her a tour of his home while she thought hard about her would-be life in a town where there are no bars, restaurants or really anything to do. Even though Jade was feeling a little overwhelmed, Chris took her to his old high school to watch a football game—and introduce her to his parents. They strolled through the halls of his old high school and made out against the lockers (ah, memories) before smooching right in the middle of the football field. Jade seemed to open up to Chris and to the idea of moving to such a small place, especially considering it would be for a hot farmer.

Whitney got another one-on-one date, but sadly, it wasn’t in Chris’ hometown too. Chris took her to more of a city setting in De Moine to check out some art and take some adorable shots of their own (seriously… these could have been engagement photos). They kissed. A lot. Whitney and Chris went out for some drinks and actually got to meet three of Chris’ best friends and they asked Whitney some serious questions about her being ready to move to Iowa. Chris was happy to hear that she had no hesitations.

Once Jade was back with the rest of the girls, she told them all about Arlington and the small-town feel. Once she started explaining their kiss, Britt broke down. Carly suggested a road trip to Arlington—without Chris knowing—just to check it all out. Britt had her reservations, but in the end, the girls were on board. As Jade told them, there wasn’t a whole lot to see—except corn, there was lots of that. The girls didn’t realize how small the town was, considering it took them three hours to get there and two minutes to drive through. The girls chatted with some of the locals (actually the pastor) and found out the only thing to do is about an hour away. Britt had told Carly and Kaitlyn that she couldn’t see herself living there, but when they got back to the hotel, she had completely changed her mind and was game for that farmer wife life after all. After the friends left, Whitney told Chris a bit about her background: her mother had passed away, but she didn’t have a relationship with her father. Impressed by Whitney’s strength (and ability to talk about her loss without making it a thing or a competition), it seemed like he may be falling for her just a little bit. To cap off their date, Chris surprised Whitney with a mural of the two of them from the shots they had taken during the day. Awwwwww.

The next date card was a group with Britt, Carly and Kaitlyn where the girls suspected they were going skating. Closet mean girl Carly was making fun of Britt who apparently was lying for some false modesty. Jade opened up to Carly that she had done some nude modeling for Playboy and still hadn’t told Chris.

Chris greeted Britt, Kaitlyn and Carly on their group date ready to do some skating. Britt stole Chris away for a few minutes (as she does) and told him about their little road trip and basically lied to his face saying that she loooved Arlington. Carly and Whitney were having a hard time stomaching these lies knowing she was complaining just the day before. Carly was having none of it and decided to tell Chris about Britt’s true feelings, claiming she was just being “protective” by telling him the truth, saying she was really freaked out for him because she knows his feelings for Britt. Later that evening, the foursome headed out, but Chris had Britt on his brain. He pulled her away in hopes to have a real conversation. Britt was all gushy and lovey and wanted to bring him home to meet her family. Chris had to ask the real questions about how she really feels about living in such a small town. She gushed a little more and Chris gave her some kisses, but Kaitlyn suspected that Britt just wasn’t being honest with herself. Kaitlyn had some solo time and she explained she felt like she was playing catch-up with Chris, since their chemistry really started bubbling at the beginning of the season. And even though Britt was playing the part, Kaitlyn got the rose (and a kiss) and the chance to bring Chris home to meet her family. When Kaitlyn and Chris got back from their chat, there was some serious tension, and Britt was throwing some serious shade a Chris. Britt said she was happy for Kaitlyn, but was having a hard time dealing with the fact that she didn’t get the rose considering she put her heart on the line saying she didn’t want her husband to see her as second or third in line. She kept challenging Chris and he was understandably confused by what exactly she wanted at that exact moment. Chris said his goodnights and off he went until the rose ceremony. Britt tried to explain herself to Kaitlyn and Carly making it seem like she was the most important girl in the group and Kaitlyn expressed that she felt bad (even guilty) that she had gotten the rose.

Back at the hotel, Carly and Kaitlyn described Britt’s bratty, pouty ways, but sounded a bit too bitchy when she did it, calling Britt’s outburst “beautiful.”

…And because The Bachelor likes to make us sweat, there was no rose ceremony just yet. Stay tuned for our two-part recap tomorrow!

Coming up roses: Kaitlyn…

Kiss count: Jade, Whitney, Britt, Kaitlyn, (Episode – 4; Season – 31)

Cry count: Megan, Britt (x2), Whitney (happy tears), Carly, Kaitlyn (Episode –6; Season – 40)

Catfight count:  (Episode – 1; Season – 2)

Bachelorettes to watch: Britt, Carly (mean girl), Whitney

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