10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor, Season 21: Nick’s Final Rose

Well, everyone. We made it. It’s the season finale of Nick’s (fourth) time on The Bachelor. And what a season it’s been. While things have gotten significantly less interesting since Corrine and her cheese pasta left the show, we’re down to the bottom two, which means we’ve come this far so why stop now. Here’s what happened on the finale.

1. The episode kicked off with the perfunctory “meet the parents” date, giving Vanessa a chance to meet her potential future in-laws for the first time and for Raven to use the opportunity to get in good with Bella one more time (since she’s actually already met the family).

2. Raven’s family date obviously went smoothly because Raven is a higher being and we did not give her enough credit at the beginning of the season. She had a lovely chat with Bella and Nick’s mom and we just wanted Nick to say he’s going to propose right away.

3. When it came to Vanessa’s time, things were a little awkward. She essentially unloaded all of her confusion onto Nick’s family, even resulting in a bit of a cryfest between her and Papa Viall (it was sweet, but kind of weird).

4. During Nick and Vanessa’s final date, she spent most of her time badgering him with questions that essentially amounted to wanting to know if she’s the one or not. Which we kind of get, but you also know what you signed up for. Later when they had some alone time, she started crying (like, bawling) while they were making out and I think everyone was uncomfortable.

5. On Raven’s last date with Nick, the two went ice skating (kind of like their first date when they went rollerskating) and then Nick showed up with some husky puppies and we all died from the cuteness.

6. Later in their date (it was a completely different situation from Nick’s other lady) as both Nick and Raven were calm and collected and seemed completely at ease with one another. They both expressed their feelings about the other and it was very sweet and we JUST WANT RAVEN TO WIN, OKAY?!

7. They did the whole montage and Neil Lane came in and Nick tried to explain, “believe it or not I don’t know a lot about engagement rings,” and it just made the anticipation even worse. And then Raven got out of the car first and we all died a little inside.

8. True to Bachelor form, Nick let Raven do her little spiel about how ready she is to be his wife and life partner and then told him she loved him and Nick actually laughed before explaining that he’s not actually in love with her (HOW HOW HOW). Raven took it like a champ, but we were all heartbroken about it.

9. When it came time for Vanessa to roll up, we were half-expecting Nick to turn her down too (or maybe she would turn him down), but this was the least-dramatic part of the entire franchise: Nick said some lovely things, Vanessa said some lovely things and then Nick got down on one knee and pulled out a massive Neil Lane engagement ring and they lived happily ever after… or so we thought.

10. Jk. Nick and Vanessa are all good. You know, minus not reeeeally being able to agree on where to live, what they’re going to do with their lives and all that. The big “historic” surprise that Chris Harrison frustratingly kept alluding to all episode was for Rachel, who got the chance to meet four of her candidates ahead of time at After the Final Rose. Yes, it’s historic. No, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. But was it necessary? Who knows? It’s the Monday after daylight savings and we’re all very, very tired. (Though, we are very excited for Rachel’s season and can’t wait to recap it all for you!)

PS: Raven is going to Bachelor in Paradise!

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