12 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 8

HOMETOWN DATES! Amidst all of the confusion, rose ceremony-less episodes and Corinne one-liners we somehow made it to hometown dates (somewhat) unscathed. So, how did it all go down? Here’s all the fun stuff:

1. After unceremoniously kicking Kristina off the show before the rose ceremony, Nick decided to do a fake mini (read: lazy) rose ceremony with the remaining ladies by showing up at their hotel room and doling out flowers while telling them that he felt stronger about the people in the room and that’s why he had to send Kristina packing. He also said he’s excited to meet Raquel and, tbh, so are we.

2. The first hometown date was with Raven in Hoxie, Arkansas, and she took him “mudding” and they made out literally in the swampy mud, but really it looked like a super-fun date until they were caught trespassing by cops — jk it was Raven’s cop brother who busted them because Raven is funny and we dig it.

3. Later at her parents’ place, Raven’s mom announced that her dad is officially cancer-free and she had the sweetest conversation with her pops about walking her down the aisle and we were all crying. Of course, that was where her emotions stopped because she didn’t succumb to the hometown pressures of saying “I love you,” leaving Nick looking kind of confused and like he was totally expecting it.

4. On Rachel’s hometown date, we started it getting excited, mostly because we get to meet her fam before she embarks on her own journey as The Bachelorette. She started her day by taking Nick to her church and wanted to see how comfortable he was with a mostly black congregation and we were more just waiting to see if he would burst into flames once he got inside any church, period (he did not).

5. When it came time for the family portion of the date, Rachel’s family didn’t hesitate when it came to asking Nick if he’s ever dated a black woman before. He awkwardly answered that he’s been on dates with black women, but that nothing stuck. When asked why Rachel, he very (very) sweetly said that it had everything to do with her and the person that she is. And there was so much love and depth to this date that we just can’t figure out how it all ends between these two.

6. After two very connected and meaningful dates, we went to Corinne’s family where we were given “a day in the life” tour and it was everything that you’d expect and, yes, that meant shopping at “one of the most exclusive malls in Miami.” Corinne spent like $3000 (not joking) and it was definitely not an ordinary day for anyone short of royalty. Of course, after Corinne bought Nick a bunch of clothes, she also told him she loved him. It was kind of awkward and almost genuine.

7. We finally (FINALLY) got to meet Raquel and Corinne’s family explained that Raquel is a part of the family and that her mom “couldn’t do so much without her,” and then proceeded to get Raquel to pour a glass of wine for her. So yeah.

8. When Corinne was talking to her “daddy” (I’m pointing this out solely because Nick once again asked the “dad or daddy?” question and it was weird), he brought up some valid points like is Nick going to be able to sustain a(n expensive enough) lifestyle for Corinne to be happy. Corinne said she’s fine being the breadwinner (she’s 24!) and that she told Nick she loved him and gawd dad they’ve been dating a whole month and a half. UGH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

9. Finally, the hometown date we’d really been waiting for with Vanessa. First, she took Nick to meet her students, who are just as important to her as her family. After we were already crying because Vanessa is actually the best, she took him to meet her family and it was going well enough until someone asked where they’re going to live if they get engaged and they both admitted they hadn’t discussed it… yikes. Yeah, maybe discuss that first.

10. Vanessa was very, very emotional (rightfully) because her family was being so pragmatic about this whole relationship (also rightfully), which is pretty much how she’s been this whole season. They left her mom’s side with Vanessa “needing some questions answered” but then they headed over to meet her dad and, well, things didn’t quite improve from there.

11. Nick almost immediately asked Vanessa’s dad for his blessing if he were to propose. His dad, who was totally hung up on the “three other women” thing, asked him point-blank if Nick had asked the other parents the same question. His response (blatant lie): “In a way.” Ugh. Of course, Nick somehow managed to get a very unenthusiastic blessing from Papa Grimaldi, but when Vanessa went to go talk to her dad, Papa G told her that although he gave a blessing, he’s not the only parent to do so, leaving Vanessa in tears and even more confused than before.

12. With the whole crew back in NYC for a rose ceremony, Vanessa seemed to have hit her breaking point and looked like she was off to tell Nick that she’s done (because she is still, at the hometown date point, surprised at his feelings for other women) and then… Andi showed up? And, obviously, we were left hanging without a rose ceremony and a really rude “To be continued…”

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