29 Reasons Coffee is The Best Drink in the World

The day everyone has been waiting for is here. Nope, not Christmas. Nope, not even new Beyoncé©/Drake/whatever album day. It’s National Coffee Day. For all those coffee addicts out there (or coffee aficionados, as I call myself so not to concern people), it’s the happiest day of the year. The day that we get to celebrate our love for this fine, sweet nectar of the gods (and if you’re a tea-drinker, I have respect for you, but this article just won’t be for you #sorrynotsorry). So, let’s count the many reasons we love coffee, shall we?

1. You can drink it hot.

2. You can drink it cold.

3. You can eat it in solid form covered in chocolate.

4. You can get it pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

5. Almost everyone likes it (and if they don’t, you don’t need them in your life).

6. It makes you person better.

7. You can never have too much (and other lies you tell yourself).

8. You can flavour it up (#PSL) or put some milk in it.

9. Or you can just drink it straight.

10. You can drink it as a shot.

11. You can sip it.

12. There are so many different blends to choose from.

13. Every country has their own coffee culture (and we love every single one of them).

14. There’s usually a cool place to sit and chill/write/people watch while you drink.

15. You can take it to go.

16. You can make art with it.

17. You can make rainbow art with it.

The ultimate latte for unicorns @em321 @piggybackcafe #rainbowlatte #latteart #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing

A video posted by BlackMilk Clothing (@blackmilkclothing) on

18. It’s a great social outing.

19. You can put whip cream on it and then pretend like it’s calorie-free (and other lies you tell yourself).

20. This:


21. Two words: Peppermint. Mocha.

22. Also this:


23. Without it we’d be cranky like Mr. Burns.


24. It tastes good at any time of day.

25. It can help cure headaches and hangovers.

26. It can help you live longer (and other lies you tell yourself).

27. It can help… move things along.

28. It makes you friendlier.

29. It’s just fucking awesome, okay?

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay, kids!


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