Bad Boy Jesse James Cheated Before

With the news of Jesse James’ infidelity spreading faster than one of his prized choppers, millions of women are outraged at his betrayal and the ensuing sordid details. Sandy is, after all, America’s sweetheart and a recent Oscar winner.

While it’s of course sad to watch a marriage collapse in spectacularly public and sordid fashion…am I the only one who isn’t all that surprised?

As papers brand Michelle “Bombshell” Magee a Nazi-loving, tattooed home-wrecker (which she is), and Jesse James a you-know-what (which he absolutely is), one important fact seems to be getting glossed over: he’s cheated before. This story doesn’t have the same “good-guy-falls-from-grace” shock factor as say, the Tiger-gate scandal.

Jesse James left his then 8-months pregnant wife for Sandra Bullock, remember?

While of course it doesn’t excuse his cheating this time around, a man that’s willing to leave his wife for you is a major red flag. But this isn’t the first time this has happened in Hollywood. Remember when Billy Crudup left his pregnant wife Marie-Louise Parker for Clare Danes? Or how about K-Fed hooking up with Britney just months before the birth of his second child with Shar Jackson?

The lesson here is that like Mcgee’s many tattoos, tendencies to cheat are pretty much permanent. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. How can women expect fidelity from a man that is a known and proven cheater? With James’ track record and what will likely become a third failed marriage under his belt, I wouldn’t be surprised if a string of women come out to confirm intimate encounters a la Tiger Woods.

Ladies, remember: if he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you. Don’t make Sandra’s mistake, or you might end up “Blind Sided”.



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  1. Avatar
    • Lana
    • July 6, 2015

    The fact that Sandra was involved with him while he was married doesn’t make her look good, she’s no angel in all of this either. Who would want to be a with a guy that’s married, with a pregnant wife at home and is contemplating leaving her WHILE she’s pregnant?!

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