The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap: Fantasy Suite Fails

It's part two of this week's double whammy. After the hometown dates, Renee was sent how. Now with three girls left (Nikki, Clare and Andi), the group heads to St. Lucia for some fun in the sun (and the fantasy suites), plus what promises to be the most dramatic episode yet.

Clare got the first date and when she met Juan Pablo, she was genuinely excited. When she started talking about whether or not she would spend the night with Juan Pablo, she was a little apprehensive, making us think she actually does have a brain and a smart bone in her body. After all of the drama in Vietnam and the whole ocean debacle, Clare's right to be unsure if a night in the fantasy suite is right—actually all of the girls should be thinking this. The two spent the day lounging on a yacht, snuggling in the sunshine and going swimming. Later in the evening, the two followed a romantic torch-lit path to a cozy little nook where they got the chance to "get to know one another better," which Juan Pablo gave the most devious look. The two talked about the future and what it meant for Clare to potentially become Camila's stepmom. Then Juan Pablo busted out the card introducing the fantasy suite… Clare expressed her concerns about what happened in Vietnam about how she didn't want to set a poor example for Camila, but JP appeased her by saying that he knew overnight dates were coming and it's the only time they get together away from the cameras, which makes it toooootally better than when they were in Vietnam. Because now he can have three different nights with three different girls and still set a good example for his daughter. Perfect logic. Naturally after JP twisted her arm, Clare decided she wanted to spend the night with him so the two went to the fantasy suite where Clare dropped the L-bomb and then the two made the move to the hottub where they "got to know each other better" if you catch my drift. 

The next day, Juan Pablo met up with Andi for their date. The two strolled hand-in-hand through a food festival in St. Lucia, playing some music with some locals and then ended up playing a game of soccer before heading for a drive through the jungle that led to a perfectly laid-out picnic by a waterfall (their second now?) where Andi showed off another one of her fabulous one-piece bathing suits and they talked about Juan Pablo meeting her father. Later in the evening, Juan Pablo asked her an actual real question about whether Andi was forcing her love for him, which she had sort of alluded to during her hometown date when she mentioned she "so badly wanted to fall in love." To his pleasure, she said she wasn't feeling forced even though she did want to find love. It was weird seeing him have an actual conversation that didn't involve interspersed makeout sessions. Once more, the overnight card was pulled out, though this time Andi seemed a lot less hesitant than her overnight predecessor, but did say she would only do so if he was serious about her, which he obviously agreed.

The next morning, Juan Pablo seemed to be pretty happy with his night with Andi. Andi, not so much. The drama we'd been waiting for. Andi said the fantasy suite was a "nightmare" and thought the night was a "disaster," but was concerned that he thought it was a good date (which through the magic of TV, we knew he did). Feeling as though Juan Pablo didn't really care about her, but rather cared only for himself was a big red flag for her—and then he casually mentioned that he'd had his overnight date with Clare the night before. Come on, bro. Really? Having this realization that Juan Pablo is most definitely not the one for her made Andi seem relieved, but also irritated that it took her so long to figure out what kind of guy he was. Better late than never? 

Last but not least, Nikki's date. The date started with some horseback riding to a secluded beach, where the two laid in the sand talking about her hometown date and then they did some swimming. While Nikki has gotten close to telling Juan Pablo her true feelings, she keeps pulling back because she's scared of getting hurt, but planned on telling him at dinner. The two had a seemingly fun but uneventful date, and when Juan Pablo took out the overnight card, Nikki didn't even think about it before saying she'd love to spend the night with him. After some more smooching and ear-rubbing (I've noticed a trend that he likes touching peoples' ears. A lot. So weird.), Nikki told JP her true feelings, which prompted more kissing that we can only imagine carried on long after the cameras left the fantasy suite. 

The next day, Juan Pablo sat down with Chris and talked about how he's feeling about the whole process and who he wants to keep around. Feeling "good" about the nights he spent with the girls, but unsure of the decision he's going to make, JP watched some video messages made by the girls to hear a last (plea?) thought on how they feel about him to help him make a decision. Nikki naturally gushed about him and went on about how much she loved spending time with him, as did Clare. Andi… was another story. After saying she wanted to share her thoughts with him in person, the two met up for a chat. 

In comes Andi, but this time there was no kiss and no big smile—just a cold hug. Juan Pablo tried to be his sweet charming self by brushing hair off her face, but Andi got right to it, saying she had some great times with him and she'd never felt that way with someone before, but she had a lot of thoughts after the fantasy suite. One of her main thoughts was that she wasn't in love with him and was never going to be. His response: "It's okay." He tried to tell her that it is okay and that he can't force to feel a certain way, but kept cutting Andi off when she was trying to explain how she felt. He admitted that he was said because he likes her, but he's not going to die without her. Andi went on trying to get her feelings out saying he doesn't really know who she is or isn't interested in getting to know her. When she brought up him mentioning his date with Clare and the fact that she barely made it to the overnight dates during their private time together, things got really heated and they started arguing about technicalities of the word "default," but Andi was getting frustrated with Juan Pablo's cavalier attitude towards the whole situation. Basically, she let him have it, calling him an asshole for being offensive to her and quickly became our favourite Bachelorette to date. After some more honesty and banter back and forth it seemed pretty clear that the two weren't going to continue having a relationship, especially when Juan Pablo tried to touch her face and Andi literally flinched. Juan Pablo walked her to her taxi and off Andi went, still irritated that JP didn't get what she was trying to explain to him. Full of tears, but still wanting to find love, Andi made her trip back home. 

After Andi went home, just Nikki and Clare headed to the (pointless) rose ceremony to hear what Juan Pablo had to say about the whole Andi situation. Well, he didn't say much other than that Andi wanted to leave because she wasn't feeling as strong—but nothing about her reasoning. It was more about Andi making a silly decision, but Juan Pablo being "okay" and ready to move forward with his final two girls: Nikki and Clare. 

Next week all of the ladies are back for the Women Tell All episode where it seems that some of the girls go all Andi on Juan Pablo—an episode we're very excited to watch! 

Coming up roses: Nikki and Clare

Bachelorettes to watch: The remaining two!

Cry count: Episode- 1 (Andi); Season Total – 34

Kiss count: Episode- 3 (Clare, Andi, Nikki); Season Total- 28

Catfight count: Episode- 1 (Andi and Juan Pablo—maybe not a "catfight," but an argument nonetheless); Season Total- 2

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