Bachelor Canada Episode 7 Recap: Hometowns!

After some traveling, the group is back in Canada for hometown dates. Tim’s first stop is Edmonton to meet Trish’s family and a peek into her life. Trish greets Tim in her Oilers jersey with a Leafs jersey ready for him, which is met with a big kiss before a game of one-on-one. What went from fun and playful quickly went to romantic and Trish started to say those words, but couldn’t get them out so started making out with Tim instead before they headed to meet her family. Trish’s family was “awkward but lovable,” as Trish put it and after some talking with her mom, she got the courage to tell Tim she was falling for him, to which he adorably replied, “I started falling for you a long time ago.” Awwwww. More kissing before Tim had to leave for his next date.

Sachelle was waiting for Tim in Toronto to fly over to Sudbury to meet her family, but a grounded flight threw a wrench in their plans. While Sachelle was bummed her plans for Tim had been ruined, the eternal optimist Tim decided to take Sachelle for a private tour around his hometown of T.Dot before they headed to meet her family later in the day. They went for some coffee, and Tim took her around Toronto while it seemed like they’d been together for years. They talked about how many kids they wanted and made plans for the future and then finally headed to Sudbury. Sachelle was absolutely giddy (the most emotion we’ve seen from her) while Tim calmed his nerves. Sachelle’s brother was a tough sell and her dad wanted to get a better idea of who he is and how he really feels about Sachelle. Her brother came to join the interrogation and was skeptical about the whole Bachelor process of Tim dating other girls simultaneously and ended with a strong “don’t hurt my sis,” but decided not to hit him. While they said their goodbyes, Sachelle dropped the full L-bomb and was met with the same “I love you” sentiment from Tim, as well as a big kiss.

Next was heading to April’s hometown of Wasaga Beach and was hoping to get April to open up and trust Tim a bit more. April let Tim into her world a bit and told her that her father passed away when she was eight from a drug overdose and that she doesn’t have a relationship with her mom, so that he would only be meeting her grandparents and friends who effectively raised her. Understanding why she’s always so guarded, Tim went to meet April’s family feeling pretty good about himself. At first April’s grandmother wasn’t convinced that such a pretty face (Tim) was the real deal, but in the end she was impressed and connected with Tim. And as he said his goodbyes, April also said she was falling for him.

With one lady left to go meet (and a doozy of a woman too), Tim headed to Calgary to meet Lisa. Hoping the whole making out situation was put behind them, Tim arrived with some reservations. Almost immediately, Tim dove into the issue and asked Lisa what really happened last week in Italy because he was genuinely losing sleep over it. Trusting his gut, Tim dropped the bomb that he didn’t think meeting Lisa’s parents was the right decision to make and that they shouldn’t continue any further. Lisa got this bat shit crazy look in her eyes like she was casting a spell on him and then after a few short words, they parted ways.

Back in Vancouver, Tim had a decision to make to choose the final two girls to the season finale. The girls realized Lisa was MIA and there were only two roses left and rejoiced juuuust a little bit before Tim walked in and tensions went right through the roof. Tim’s first rose went to a very cleavage-clad April, with the second one going to Trish, sending a teary-eyed Sachelle on her way home.

Before Tim takes April and Trish to Tahiti for a proposal, the girls come back for Women Tell All!

Coming up roses: April and Trish

Bachelorettes to watch: The final two!

Kiss count: Trish, Sachelle, April (Episode – 3; Season – 15)

Cry count: April—but happy tears because her family liked Tim, Sachelle (Episode – 2; Season: 12.5)

Cat fight: (Episode – 0; Season: 0.5)

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