Angelina Jolie to Play Cleopatra

Cleopatra will be hitting the silver screen soon and producer, Scott Rudin, is developing the role of the Egyptian queen for none other than Angelina Jolie. 

Based on the biography, Cleopatra: A Life (a book by Stacey Schiff that hasn’t been released yet), the movie will be an adaptation of the infamous queen’s dramatic leadership with all the love affairs that have people still talking, centuries later. Rudin and Jolie are actually developing the film together, specifically for Jolie to play the role of Cleopatra. 

This role is actually quite fitting for Angelina, and this is coming from a non-fan. She has that alluring vixen look down, and one that I’d expect to see often throughout the upcoming movie. Schiff agrees, saying Angelina has “the perfect look.” 

Now that we know who’ll be playing the Queen of the Nile, any guesses on who’ll play Julius Caesar? 

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