Ambrose Olsen Found Dead

International superstar Ambrose Olsen was found dead in his apartment yesterday. According to early unconfirmed reports, the model hung himself and was found by a fellow model.

The unexpected news has shocked the fashion world, as the 24-year old’s career was taking off at a rapid pace. Since moving to New York in 2002, Olsen had modeled for labels such as Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton and Yves St Laurent. Perhaps his most memorable appearance was alongside Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio in a campaign for Giorgio Armani Exchange.

While it’s yet to be determined whether Olsen’s untimely death was in fact a suicide, it has been confirmed that yesterday another supermodel took her own life.

Columbian superstar Lina Marulanda leapt from her 6th floor apartment to her death after apparently battling depression. According to a friend, the model and TV personality was “not going through an easy period” after her second divorce, and spent most of her time in isolation.

These two deaths mark a string of recent fashion fatalities. Over the past two years, Daul Kim, Ruslana Korshunova, Lucy Gordon and of course Alexander McQueen have all taken their own lives by hanging.

So what’s going on in the fashion industry to cause such unhappiness? Daul Kim tweeted she felt “depressed” and “lonely” before ended her own life in November of last year. For an industry that prides itself on presenting the image perfection, it appears that this image is nothing more than illusion; one that’s claiming the lives of far too many Couture Casualties.

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