6 Things to Expect From The Next Season of The Bachelor

You guys, we’re less than a month away from the new season of The Bachelor and, like seasons past, we’ve got a nice guy at the forefront of the show: Ben, the hottie from Kaitlyn’s season. Now, since the 28 lady hopefuls have been revealed, we’ve compiled a list of things we can expect from the next season. Hang on to your hats, people! January 4 is just around the corner”it’s going to be a doozy of a season.

1. Some very, very cheesy intros

The list of ladies ranges from a kindergarten teacher to news anchor to chicken enthusiast, so we’re not expecting anything short of some strange attention-grabbing tactics as each of the 28 ladies steps out of the limo on the season premiere.

2. A threesome

Haha, kidding. (Maybe.) This season there is a set of blonde twins on the show (Emily and Haley), which, let’s be honest with ourselves here, hits the top of most guys’ sex fantasy lists (even nice guy Ben). With no other career or profession listed next to their names (maybe they’re professional twins?), we’re hoping Ben has a two-on-one date with these two just to keep things interesting.

3. All of the catfights

The last few seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been a little dry when it’s come down to the hopefuls duking it out for their love, but ABC reports that two former Bachelor contestants”Becca and Amber, both from Chris’ season”will be coming back for another shot. We’re hoping this ruffles more than a few feathers and an all-out house war ensues. That’s just good reality television.

4. A closet fuckboy

Sorry guys, but I just have a reeeeeally bad feeling that Ben’s whole fear of being unlovable is just an act to get some. And, well, based on the standards of the crop of ladies we’ve seen in the past, his ploy may just work (he does have the looks down, after all). Hopefully, I’m wrong on this part (because sexy nice guys are a rare commodity in this day and age), but, well, it’s happened before.

5. Ben forgets who’s who

There are four Laurens, one Laura, one Lace and one Leah. I haven’t even seen them all yet and I’m getting confused. Ben’s going to have to create some sort of signifiers to remember which Laura/Lauren/Leah/Lace is which, but we’re betting he’s still going to get them mixed up at least once. Hopefully the first rose ceremony will trim this list down because otherwise he’s in trouble.

6. We’re exposed to the word drama at least five times an episode

Chris Harrison has the undeniable ability to make every situation seem like the most dramatic there has ever been in Bachelor history (mostly because he repeats this several times before every commercial break and preview of the next episode). Our fun new task this year is going to be counting the amount of times he says drama or dramatic each episode. Count along with us, it’ll be fun!

Stay tuned for our weekly recaps of the 20th season of The Bachelor, airing January 4!

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