5 Very Untraditional Movies to Watch on Christmas Day

I love Christmas, don’t get my wrong. But I also start my Christmas spirit very, very early (November 1, to be exact), so as much as I love watching The Holiday, by the time Christmas actually rolls around, I’ve watched it at least seven times. As much as I love Christmas, I also love movies and from a very (alarmingly) young age, I was exposed to a wide (and arguably inappropriate) roster of flicks, some of which we watched on Christmas Day. Because once Santa has already come, we don’t need to wait for him anymore, so you might as well watch something gory. Because blood is festive, too, guys!

Kill Bill Vol.2 

If you reeeeeally want, you can start with volume 1, but we all know that the sequel is far better in content and more realistic fight scenes than its predecessor (though it does still kick ass, literally). This movie easily hits my top 10 list and not just because of Quentin Tarantino (though that’s one of the reasons), but also because I can never eat rice without thinking of this and I’m constantly threatening people with the five-point-palm-exploding-heart-technique.

The Godfather 

Guys, this movie is a CLASSIC. I knew that from five years old 10 years old the appropriate age to start watching this movie. Chances are your whole family thinks so, too, so while you’re all opening gifts, gather round and watch.

Deep Blue Sea

There’s no legitimate reason why this movie is on here above some other more notable shark movies, but one Christmas my dad, my brother and I watched it and it may have been one of the coolest Christmas Days I’ve ever attended. Also, 1999 special effects are hilarious.

Die Hard

If you feel the need to still be slightly festive on this particular holiday, then go ahead and watch Die Hard, since most people consider it a Christmas movie, anyway.

The Shawshank Redemption

This movie is good literally any day of the year, but there’s something soothing about Morgan Freeman narrating an intriguing story on Christmas morning. This a particularly good pick if you or your family members are of the no-gore camp (lame).

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