What Your Nail Polish Says About You

It’s summer time ladies, which means it’s time to show-off those nails. With so many colours to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the right colour to adorn your pretty little fingers and toes. But before you go ahead and settle on a colour, remember this: believe it or not, your nail polish can really say a lot about you. So let me share a few guidelines with you in terms of the colours you choose. Keep these in mind next time you’re picking a shade at your next salon visit.

Light Shades
The girl next door’s fave! You enjoy simplicity and tend to steer away from the spotlight. You adjust to your surroundings and avoid any form of complication. That’s why you opt for light shades that will go with any outfit for any occasion “ easy breezy.

Shimmer Shades
You’re flirtatious in a subtle way. You’re in between the girl who chooses a light shade and the girl who opts for red. Yes, you’re sweet and simple but you also own the same confidence in yourself that the lady in red possesses. You secretly like it when people notice you and sooner or later you’ll be opting for red.

This shade embodies sexiness and confidence. You don’t shy away from attention, you embrace it. Retro style resonates in you and you’re more often than not the girl who has the confidence to pull off red lipstick for girls’ night. So tie your hair up, get your cat eye on, throw your black pumps on and embrace in the confidence you exude.

You’re a girl with edge and a bit of rock and roll flare. Besides the fact that black makes you hipper than most “ you were wearing black nail polish long before LC and her Hills comrades made it popular for valley girls everywhere “ it also goes with everything so the comforting factor means a lot to you. Just in case you didn’t know, many fashionistas around the world often adorn their nails in black shades – wink wink.

You are all about the spotlight. You make sure your voice is always heard and your presence never goes unnoticed. You like to take risks and enjoy turning heads. There isn’t one subtle bone in your body. Rihanna ain’t got nothing on you! Strut your stuff.

You embrace youthfulness and evoke it through your spunky and fun personality. You are quite the animated gal who also loves to stare at the light reflecting off her toes in the sun “ so what?

Shatter Effect
You not only follow the current trends, you set them! You’re the girl who reads fashion magazines and beauty blogs just to stay in the loop of what is this season’s hottest colour, print, style and trend and what celebrity is pulling it off successfully. You were first in line to snab OPI’s latest Shatter polish and have reinvented it since.

If all else fails and you can’t choose just one colour, I’ve listed 7 on purpose “ try one of these for every day of the week!

Don’t be shy to let us know what your colour of choice is and why.

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