The No-Heat, Air-Dry Hairstyling Products You Need to Try

Guys, I know the value of a good blowout. I can appreciate a solid s-wave, having spent some time trying to achieve the look myself. But, truth be told, the look I always, always come back to (and often admire on others) is hair that looks like it’s air-dried, sans heat tools. And seeing as how it’s going to get hot, sticky and humid in the coming months, you should probably get on board. Nobody should have to do their hair with a flat iron when it’s 30+ degrees outside. Luckily brands are catching on that not all of us have the time (or energy) to blow our hair out regularly. And that sometimes your arsenal or curling wands and straighteners needs a rest. Get ready to air dry your hair this summer”with the help of a few strategic products to help your I-woke-up-like-this ‘do.

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The brand’s trio of no-blow-dry styling products ($24 each) boast easy movement and a no-product feel for your air-dried tresses. The Airy Cream offers texture and body for fine hair, the Just Right Cream is for medium hair and gives control and movement, and the Bossy Cream is for coarse-haired babes who need some frizz control.

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