The Essential Summer Playlist

Having emerged from the first official summer long weekend, it’s safe to assume our next couple weeks will be booked full of road-trips, patio lounging and staring longingly out office windows. So to help capitalize on the warmth of the season, we’ve come up with a summertime playlist to set the tone for those weekends away.

1. Title: Live Those Days Tonight 
Artist: Friendly Fires
Crank it up because: Summer is nothing if not a dance party “ it’s time for you to bust a move.

2. Title: Open Heart Surgery
Artist: Beth Ditto
Crank it up because: You haven’t stopped dancing yet, and it’s time to throw in some 80s-inspired pop music to the mix.

3. Title: Lose It
Artist: Austra
Crank it up because: There’s no such thing a sing-a-long until trying for those high notes with a car full of your best pals.

4. Title: Rumour Has It
Artist: Adele
Crank it up because: You’ve probably gotten sick of listening to Rollin’ in the Deep, and a hell yes track is still absolutely necessary to summertime hangouts.

5. Title: Modern Art
Artist: Black Lips
Crank it up because: Four garage rock aficionados help bring new meaning to BBQ-appropriate jams and/or please pass me a beer.

6. Title: When I’m With You
Artist: Best Coast
Crank it up because: The only imagery that will come to mind is lying blissfully on the sandy beach while sipping a cocktail of your choosing. Swoon.

7. Title: Hearts of Love
Artist: Crocodiles
Crank it up because: The Jesus & Mary Chain don’t exactly evoke summertime “ but a song reminiscent of classic rock and/or roll (with some romanticized nostalgia) is vital to a successful cottage venture.

8. Title: Summertime
Artist: Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff
Crank it up because: This is the anthem not just of summer, but of life.

9. Title: Lord Knows Best
Artist: Dirty Beaches
Crank it up because: Not only is he Canadian (and not only does his name include beaches), but this song was meant for a Kevin Arnold/Winnie Cooper-esque summer slow dance.

10. Title: Second Hand News
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Crank it up because: The other definition of summer is Fleetwood Mac, and Rumours should have been on repeat since June 1.

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