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The results are in! 29secrets partnered with Jergens to give 10 readers and staff a chance to try and review their brand new moisturizer: Jergens Daily Moisture Skin Soothing Moisturizer, 480ml (available at drugstores). The moisturizer instantly transforms dry skin into visibly smoother skin. It’s enriched with silk proteins and citrus extracts, this moisturizing formula leaves skin looking and feeling silky and smooth for 24 hours. Read our reviews after using Jergens Daily Moisture Skin Soothing Moisturizer every day for five days.


Product Review

In the colder months I suffer from itchy skin, due to dryness. I moisturize every day, but haven’t found a cream that lasts day to night. Jergens Skin Soothing Moisturizer actually lasted! I didn’t have to re-apply later in the day. For that reason, I’d buy this product again. “ Editor-in-Chief of 29Secrets, Sara Koonar

After five days using the product I noticed some of my dry spots have reduced. Overall my skin feels smooth and nourished. “ General Manager of 29Secrets, Natalie Milne

The moisturizer surprisingly lasted all day (like it said it would). I usually put lotion on at night after my evening shower, and by morning when I wake up, my skin is dry again. Not with Jergens. “ Jenny Koko, Toronto, ON

The pump is great.  It actually doesn’t clog after use like other brands.  It does not squirt out causing accidents but only directly into your hand.  I felt I didn’t need to go and apply a second layer as the first layer seemed to nourish my skin enough and give my skin enough moisture. Other brands I feel like I need to put on a second or third coat as it soaks in so much that it’s non-existent.  The bottle itself is very sleek and it’s not too small and not too big. “ Sarah Malott, Windsor, ON

After 5 days I noticed that the dry patches I had had diminished and my skin felt smoother than before I started. “ Kathy Reeb, Belle River, ON

The morning after the first day of using the Jergens lotion, my skin was still soft, but it was getting drier around the knee caps and elbows. The dryness seemed to disappear over the next four or five days. “ Nichola Anderson, Fredericton, NB

The product isn’t too greasy and smells great! “ 29Secrets Editorial Intern, Tasha Zanin

I actually really liked this lotion and I think that I might buy it more often!  I really loved the scent of it, and the way that it felt thick going on but was absorbed quickly enough so that my skin didn’t feel sticky after.  It really felt like it was working and didn’t just disappear off my skin either. “ Lauren Gogo, Toronto, ON 

Easy to apply and keeps me smooth all day. It definitely does the job! “ Ashley Macdonald, Toronto, ON

Love Jergens’ products! This brand has been around for so long and is a classic that is always dependable. I love the traditional almond scent. This is a brand that I would continue to use due to its longstanding reputation, soft scent and moisturizing effects. “ Joy Mills, Kanata, ON

I LOVE the scent.  It is refreshing, a hint of citrus, not over powering.  My daughter asked me if it was I who smelt so good, and that was the first time ever that she has ever commented on how I smelt or the good smells within our bathroom. My daughter is four years old. “ Sarah Malott, Windsor, ON

What do you think? Have you ever tried Jergens Daily Moisture Skin Soothing Moisturizer? Would you?


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