5 Reasons You Need an Eye Cream

With all the beauty products on the market, it can be a challenge to figure out which products you actually need. We’ve done all the work for you and come up with five reasons you can’t afford to skimp on eye cream.

Read on to find out what the benefits of using eye cream are and why you need to get your hands on a tube today.


1. Under Eye Skin Damage Shows

The delicate skin under your eyes is very sensitive, thin and vulnerable. Because it isn’t as thick and strong as the skin elsewhere on your face, it is very easily damaged. Environmental stressors, UV rays, and fatigue can all weigh quite heavily on that hyper-sensitive skin and it will begin to reveal the damage very quickly. In order to keep that skin in tip-top shape, you have to keep it properly hydrated with a cream that is heavy enough to hydrate, yet gentle enough for that tender area.

2. Why Your Regular Moisturizer Won’t Cut It

Unless you have a snazzy (and pricey) two-in-one product, most moisturizers are not adequate for the under-eye area.  Your eye area and your cheeks, for example, are completely different so they require different products to keep them in shape. Certain ingredients (like alcohol) can be great for your face but quite damaging to the sensitive skin under the eyes. In fact, most bottles of cream do indicate on the label that the product should be kept away from the eyes. You may think you’re covering all your bases with one cream, but you’re not only neglecting your eye area, but possibly damaging it as well.

3. Eye Cream Can Treat Puffiness

Regular moisturizers do not act as anti-inflammatories but eye creams normally do contain products to help decrease fluid retention and puffiness under the eyes. Retaining fluids under this thin skin can result in thicker, more prominent veins, as well, which explains where dark circles come from. To treat that specific problem, you need a product designed to fix it. You’re not just hydrating the skin under your eyes, you’re treating it and preventing those not-so-pretty side effects of a long day’s work.

4. Eyes Wrinkle Faster

Again, thanks to the delicate nature of this skin, it wrinkles easier. Every smile, every facial expression you could ever possibly make involves eye movement. And because the thin skin around them is constantly being squeezed, fine lines and wrinkles show up there first. Eye creams target this exact problem with ingredients that won’t harm that delicate skin but will still fight off premature signs of aging.

5. Under Eye Area Has Minimal Oil Glands

Unlike your face, the thin skin under your eyes does not contain very many natural oil glands. This means that area can dry out more quickly than the rest of your face. Not only can this be very uncomfortable, but it also contributes to signs of aging. Just slathering on some regular face cream won’t solve the problem because that cream isn’t designed to hydrate in the same way or under those conditions. To keep the sensitive skin around the eyes hydrated at all times, only a cream specifically designed to do so can do the trick.

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  1. Avatar
    • Clair
    • September 20, 2017

    I agree that one shouldn’t neglect the under eyes. I had also done this mistake but thanks to revitol it looks much better now.

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