Beauty Panel Review: Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation

The reviews are in for Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Liquid Touch foundation and you’ll want to hear what our Beauty Panel thought of the brand’s thinnest foundation formula yet. With skin-fusion, friction-free pigments, this foundation promises to glide on like silk and give you that “no-makeup, makeup” look that we saw on runways such as Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan and Melissa Né©pton this season.

Is this foundation is truly a dream? We have seven women with different skin types, shades and needs to help you decide.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation is available now in drugstores for $14.99 in 12 shades. Read on for our beauty expert’s reviews of this brand new makeup innovation.

Rema Gouyez, Editor of

It’s no secret that the first dry-oil foundation to launch in the luxe portfolio a couple of years ago had every beauty blogger, editor and aficionado asking one question: When will a high-quality, affordable version hit the shelves? Maybelline of course answered our complexion perfecting prayers and made it happen. Enter Dream Wonder Liquid Touch, the first liquid-to-powder finish foundation and I’m obsessed. This formula not only illuminates the skin and offers an all-over velvety glow, it takes down that dreaded T-Zone shine that can often impose itself on my skin before midday. The best part? The feather-light touch that this cover-up offers. 

Sure, the runways were all about the ‘naked skin' trend but I’m most thrilled that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup when I wear this. 

To tackle my extra dry skin days I’ll just make sure to double up on my dose of hydrating serums and moisturizers to ensure the foundation won’t flake on my dehydrated cheeks. Did I mention the classy glass bottle it’s housed in? Vanity worthy if you ask me. This face base has taken a firm place in my beauty bag. 

Sara Koonar, Editor-in-Chief of

This past year I haven’t been loyal to a single foundation. My job has me testing every new formula that comes across my desk, but none has impressed me enough to keep me around past the first bottle. When Maybelline sent the Dream Wonder Liquid Touch foundation samples to me for this Beauty Panel I had no idea what I was about to experience.

It was 4pm and my makeup that I’d applied that morning had begun to look patchy, so I wiped it off and began to apply the new Dream Wonder Liquid Touch foundation. I couldn’t believe how seamlessly it blended and felt so comfortable on my skin; it felt as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all. My colleagues noticed right away telling me that my skin looked “porcelain” and “flawless”, noting the big difference. I went from tired-looking with patchy makeup to radiant in five minutes. Since that day I haven’t gone anywhere without my Maybelline Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation in Pure Beige in my purse. I’m hooked!

Bahar Niramwalla, Beauty Expert and On-Air Personality

My regular, daily routine consists of mascara, concealer and blush. I tend to skip foundation because of the perils that abound. Colour matching to accurate (or believable) shades for one. Then there are formulas that claim to do one thing and don't deliver or formulas that simply don't last and fade in a matter of hours. The final nail in the coffin – I HATE foundation I can feel on my skin. The irony: I'm a makeup artist and, as such, I have obligations to fill my professional kit with the best innovations in products out there which means I have to try everything out on myself to see if it's worth a spot in the kit. The new Dream Wonder Liquid Touch foundation is, upon first glance, an extremely thin veil of colour which leaves you questioning the medium to full coverage finish it claims. Surprise, surprise, this smooth, non-cakey finish is indeed a dream with its superb ability to blend evenly and without streaks or piling. The natural look left on the skin upon a single, light layer application gives truth to the cliché© saying "looks like you're not wearing anything at all". Verdict: this foundation has a weightless, dewy finish that comes in 12 shades, making it a new go-to in my pro kit.

Christie Ressel, Editor of

The Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation is perfect for those looking for a light, flawless finish to their makeup. When applying it to my skin for the first time, I was really impressed with the texture of the product; it felt like silk as I applied it onto my skin.  I do recommend that the product be applied with your fingers for the most flawless application. I feel it’s absorbed easily into brushes and sponges, which means you’d go through the foundation faster. The natural oils in your fingers will help create the perfect application. Not only this, but applying foundation will help you massage the product on faster – a perfect way to cut down on beauty time in the morning for busy women!

Natasha Bruno, Assistant Beauty and Fashion Editor at

 A skin-perfecting foundation is definitely a makeup bag must-have for me–I always keep an eye out for awesome formulas that help me achieve a flawless complexion. So when I was asked to test drive Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation, I jumped on board immediately. 

I was excited to try out this under $15 drugstore find because word on Beauty Street was that its dry-oil texture was similar to a luxury foundation that launched a few years back (but for less than half the price!). 

Overall, I liked the Maybelline Dream Wonder consistency. Its liquid formula is lightweight and buildable, so you don’t get that caked-on look. It also left a smooth and silky veil that lasted most of the day, but a quick touch-up was required. I also found the dispensing wand to be a handy tool in helping control the amount of product you dab onto to your fingertips before applying.

Kimberly Lyn, Writer and Fashion Blogger of

When it comes putting any type of product on my face – be it a cleanser, cream or make-up – I’m EXTREMELY picky. As a teenager I had acne and as an adult my skin is very sensitive; I’ve had many experiences with cosmetics that have caused redness, rashes and break-outs. So, when it comes to using foundation I’m weary of trying anything new on my face and strictly stick to prestigious brands names; I refuse to buy it at the drug store.

For this beauty panel review, I was asked to try Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation. I was skeptical at first, but once I used it my opinion did a complete 360°.

The first thing I noticed about the Dream Wonder Foundation was its dropper applicator, which encourages you to apply the product using your fingers for an easy and clean application to your face. The formula is ultra-light adhering to the skin making it look and feel like, well, a second skin resulting in smooth and flawless coverage all over. And, to be completely honest, for only $14.99 the Dream Wonder Foundation did a better job than some of the high-end foundations in my make-up kit which cost me more than $40. What’s even better? My skin didn’t react to the product. Off to the drug store I go!

This post was brought to you by Maybelline. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Maybelline.

[Video] Before & After: Maybelline Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation

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  1. Avatar
    • Shabnam
    • December 24, 2014
    Hello my name is Shabnam I am 16 years old I be 17 in 2 months I used foundation over the past months but none of them really helps I have a dry and oil skin but when I saw this foundation and I wanted to try it .
  2. Avatar
    • Linda
    • December 4, 2014
    I like to hope that this foundation means what it says!
  3. Avatar
    • Lisa Harrison
    • December 4, 2014
    I have very dry skin and cant wear foundation

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