All About The “Everything Shower”

By Alison McGill

Bath time has always been a choice selfcare indulgence. A long, languishing soak in a bubbly tub surrounded by candles is a decadent way to unwind. Add a little tub reading or bring in your tablet to carry on your binge watch du jour, and it’s entirely possible you could be holed up in your bathroom sanctuary for well over an hour.

Tom Ford once shared he took up to four baths a day but cut that routine down to one when his son was young. Ford told GQ his choice tub time was 4:30am because nobody would bother him at that wee hour of the morning. His tub time was enjoyed while sipping an iced coffee by candlelight; Ford says that sacred time helped him come to life. As a tastemaker and luxe selfcare enthusiast, we bet Ford has now embraced the bathroom ritual du jour, the “everything shower.”

The shower is no longer an express experience that quickly gets you out the door in the morning. It’s a time to linger, be fully present, and do all the things to take care of your skin and hair. The “everything shower” is a viral sensation, and, like all good beauty things in the modern era, was born on TikTok. The “everything shower” hashtag currently has over 477 million views on the app.

Read on as we breakdown the particulars of the “everything shower” and share some of our favourite products to incorporate into it.

What is an “everything shower?”

In short, it’s an extended shower consisting of multi-steps to refresh you on every level. We’re talking an ultra-deep cleanse for your hair and skin using several products to do so. It’s about stacking your usual lineup of shampoo, conditioner and body wash with specialty items like scalp scrubs, body exfoliants, skin brushes, hair and skin masks. You likely won’t have the time (nor energy) to take an everything shower daily (if you do, power to you!), but aim to enjoy this selfcare ritual at least once a week.

Pre-Prep is key with an “everything shower”

Before you even turn on the shower, there are few things to do to fully experience the wonders of this selfcare routine. Do a first cleanse of your skin to remove makeup and impurities. Apply a nourishing hair oil to dry hair from roots to ends to give hair a moisture boost before you shampoo. You may also want to dry brush your skin to boost circulation and do an entry level exfoliation. Light a candle, stream a soothing spa playlist, then you are ready to hit the water.

How an “everything shower” rolls

Once you’re in, begin with a head-to-toe body scrub with a brightening exfoliant that’s not too aggressive. Rinse out your scalp oil, then use a deep cleansing detox shampoo to fully remove all oils, then shampoo again with a hydrating formula to restore moisture. Apply a hair mask, combing it through from root to ends and let that marinate for at least 15 minutes. Go back and cleanse your body again, this time with a moisturizing shower gel or cream, cleanse your face again too, then apply a face mask. Shave if you want to, then wash your body again to remove any shaving cream. Wash off your face mask, then rinse out hair mask and finish with a cool shot of water on your hair and body. Expect to spend at least 45 minutes in the shower and absolutely linger longer if you want to.

Don’t forget to moisturize everything once you’re out of the shower

This means using a body serum and/or cream, foot cream, and a leave-in conditioner in your hair. For skin, apply toner, serum, lotion, eye cream and finish with facial oil.

We love having an “everything shower” at night, about an hour before bedtime. Slip into fresh pjs and bed linens and you’re guaranteed a heavenly night’s sleep.

5 Everything Shower Product Favourites

Body wash, a dry brush, hair oil, face and body exfoliant, and even a candle… These five products will take this luxurious selfcare ritual to the next level.

The Body Wash

An aromatic blend of essential oils like French rosemary, Chinese eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon make this a decadent choice for skin cleansing.
TRY: Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash, $48,

The Dry Brush

Dry brushing helps to exfoliate skin and leave it feeling energized and revitalized. This brush made from natural fibers from the agave plant which means it’s easy on sensitive skin.
TRY: Goop G. Tox Ultimate Dry Brush, $34,

The Hair Oil

We love this product because it can be used on wet or dry hair. As a pre-cleanse, apply liberally to brushed out dry hair and let soak in before shampooing. On freshly cleansed hair, apply two or three pumps from roots to ends to imbue hair with shine and help with heat protection.
TRY: Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil Serum, $73,

The Face and Body Exfoliant

Vitamin C is a powerful complexion booster, and this scrub brightens and smooths skin to perfection. Scrub face and body with this one to reveal a gorgeous, glowing complexion.
TRY: Vivier Vitamin C Scrub, $50,

The Candle

Milkjar is a Canadian candle brand we love. They have an array of amazing scents, but Fresh Laundry our pick for ‘everything shower’ time. Notes of spring rain, cotton and French vanilla prevail creating a gorgeous scent that’s equal parts energizing and relaxing.
TRY: Milkjar Fresh Laundry Candle, $37,

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