Fragrance Of The Month: Giorgio Armani Si

We’ve been saying, “yes” to Giorgio Armani’s eau de parfum Si for a while now. It’s hard not to. The luminous and sweet composition of each spritz makes us feel effortless and graceful no matter what we’re wearing (eh hem, sweatpants and a ponytail most days) or where we’re going (the grocery store, the drugstore, our imaginations…).

Categorized as a fruity chypre fragrance by it’s expert nose Christine Nagel (of The One by Dolce & Gabbana, Ferre by Gianfranco Ferre and For Her by Narcisco Rodriguez, to name a few scents), Si starts off light and bright with sweet fruity notes. Pretty and lustrous floral blooms waft off the skin next before being embraced with warm, rosy and spicy notes inclusive of rose, vanilla and wood. Sparkling like a Mediterranean garden complete with fruity fragrance oils,the overall effect is buzzy, sunny and engaging.

And why wouldn’t it be? The Italian design house is as renowned for it’s accessible, easy-to-wear fashions as it is its exquisite parfums. Each one redefines luxury and elegance mixed with a modernity that’s intriguing and grounding, as depicted in the eau’s heavy glass bottle. Its soft-blush juice embodies femininity, while its capper resembles an earthy and natural stone.

Giorgio Armani Si EDP, $122 for 50 ml $162 for 100 ml available online at

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